Has anyone ever used this?

Jas anyone everbused this or something like it before tia.

I use them for longer term storage. Not a whole lot of difference between the 58 and 62. They’re both in range for storage. Some use them to cure, but others have found that it degrades flavor if used during dry or cure.

Kewl kewl thanks alot friend. Im struggling with the humidity in my area right now and I’ve got a harvest in a week or so kinda in panic mode because my humidity right now in my area is 30-40% one day and the next day 65-75% and as a rookie grower im struggling to get leveled out right before harvest.

i use them in my cures as by the time mine are dry i am getting RH in the low 40’s when i jar them.
i drop one or two packs in for curing and typically in a couple days they are back in range. i cant comment on the flavor as i grow for my wife. (she would never complain cause she thinks its sweet that i do that for her).
Definitely has made a huge difference for me

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I wouldn’t worry about it so much before harvest. The plant will get the water it needs from the soil. It’s after the harvest when humidity levels are critical.

Humidity before harvest should be low so as to prevent mold.

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Thank ya thank ya for the info there. Thats what I was wondering is if they would maintain a consistent rh when I cure because the humidity is all over the place here and I harvest in a week or so.

At Walmart in the canning section they sell a Kerr herb drying kit fer around $10.00 with three plastic cups that fit in the mouth of the jar & 10 boost 62% packets. I’ve used Bodeva 62% & they work, Ive got some in jars now with the Boost & have no opinion on them yet.