Has anyone ever used milk on cannabis plants in soil?

Has anyone ever used milk on cannabis plants in soil? I do not think it would work the same hydroponically, but I am not sure. If so, what stage did you use it in? Same with molasses? And if so with that, was it good? How did you use it and in what part of the plant cycle did you use it?

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@Mark0427 has a thing about milk cultures and rice water. I don’t remember it offhand. Something helpful.

@PurpNGold74 thoughts or recollections?


It’s what they call LAB or Lactic Acid Bacteria

Search knf in the search bar or YouTube shows many things

Budbrothers is the thread I read it’s long but it’s good info!

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Okay, thanks! It seems like it is more for the flowering phase because of the terpenes that it says it attributes to as its effect.

Ive watched a video on YouTube about this you can use it as a foliar spray u spray it over ur plants and once it drys you carefully rinse ur plants off and they used it to feed the plant at the soil i would suggest to watch some videos on it before u do anything

I make my own “EM-1” now… I just finished it, fed it and put it in the fridge…


I use whole milk 3 cup rice water wash. White rice I fill a 1 cup measuring cup half way with white rice add hott water to fill the cup stir and let set til cool. Stir good and pour the water no rice into the 3 cups of milk shake and cover with a napkin and rubber and to hold napkin on. U want the jar to breathe but be covered from debris getting in. When it is all seperates in 2 parts usually 5 to 10 days later strain the curd and keep the whey u can add quarter cup unsulphured molasses to the mix to feed the mix should fee up to 3 months or so. When u see bubbles forming ontop they r starving for food give more molasses or if u keep it in the fridge and cool they won’t need the molasses at all really but the molasses is super beneficial for the canna plant also.

Thanks for the tag. Hell I feel lost here lol. I did do another drop as 4 of the 5 testers I had going were dudes. Lol. Slurrican male was a beast too. Should have kept it but I’m sure I’ll end up with more of them scared to drop that g13 seed as I’ve had super shit luck germing seeds for some reason. Maybe I’m gonna try and soak a seed in something other than water and see what happens like drop one in the milk lactate and see what happens or drop one in something other than water. I wonder if I took a plant got it growing and fed it flavored Kool aid what it would do to the buds. Would they taste like the Kool aid or I wonder now. Kinda wanna try it to see what happens. Anyone ever done this to try and get flavor profiles to their stuff.

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