Has anyone ever seen a plant stay small

Hello all, I’m here in curiosity today. Ive got this plant that took 3 weeks to germinate while at the same time my other plants are rolling strong. She is itty bitty and all of the leaves and such are all look miniature. !the lower pics were germinated at the same tv15801449639702204466215391179828|375x500


Yup…I’ve had a couple plants that didn’t get big at all. Mainly because I didn’t have enough light. That is no longer a problem. :+1:

A very good buddy of mine he tried growing 48 plants all from bag seeds. Only 3 made it and each one didn’t get over 6” tall but I can say it packed a hell of a punch. What I called it is not Politically Correct name.


She’s very Cute! :grin: looks healthy
but seriously, what’s your lighting situation? and all the other vitals? nutes etc>

Looks like your plants are to wet and are drowning.

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