Has anyone ever heard of this training technique?

so I was googling plant training and came across this…I’ve never heard of it and don’t know how I feel about it…for obvious reasons I don’t think you would want to be doing this to more than a couple buds per plant but I’m wondering if it actually works? I think I’ll try it out on one plant and see how it goes. let me know if anyone has any experience with this technique, because it sounds pretty crazy to me lol

(disclaimer- I don’t suggest doing this & no buds were harmed during the making of this post lmao)

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Using a flame thrower on the plants? That’s some sadistic training.


Indeed. I think it should be called RIK (right, I killed it)

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That’s how I dispose of my buds…a series of small, controlled fires.


same here. it sometimes involves a bong or some rolling papers too. very good way to dispose of extra bud laying around.


in all seriousness though, I always keep a guinea pig plant or 2 around to experiment with sometimes crazy/downright insane training techniques like this and I think I will actually try it on that plant and see what happens…not gonna burn half a nug or anything, just lightly singe a small bud or 2 with a bic lighter as the website suggested…I expect nothing positive but you never know until you try. I love doing weird stuff like this and seeing what happens lol. I will post the results here when I get any lol


There’s nothing wrong with experimenting. You can read and watch videos all you want, but you can’t get the same experience as doing it yourself to see. Especially if you have the plants to spare in case it doesn’t work out, whatever it may be that you’re trying. Even if what you’re shooting for doesn’t work out, you’ll probably gain some knowledge somewhere in the process.


couldn’t agree more. I’ve learnt a ton of stuff by keeping a guinea pig plant around and just trying weird stuff out on it. I don’t know what to expect with this method though lol! but I’ll sure find out. sending this girl into flower right now and around week 4 I’ll have to burn her a little…hope she forgives me lmao. could care less about this plant though, just gonna do it for fun :slight_smile:

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That’s not a trainer, it’s an ender! Lol. Oh the horror!!!:face_vomiting:


sure would be if somebody went by the pic they posted LOL. not a very good picture choice on their part. probably won’t be any different than bud that was burnt by lighting being too close though, but I’ve never burnt bud that way before either so I’m gonna try it out of curiosity.