Has anyone ever had the 6 leaves?

Has anyone ever had the 6 leaves in a plant ?

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Plenty of times I had 6 leaves and as much as 11 leaves.


it is not normal to have even fingers on the fans and my current Girl Scout Cookie has grown some 12 finger leaves…


I think because of the inbreeding done to stabilize strains the genetics are a little wonky sometimes. I see even numbered leaves on occasion.


I’ve had single leaves all the way up to this one (my personal record LOL)… 15 leaves. And I have had many with even numbers of leaves in the mix.


Wow, that’s an interesting plant! It’s not every day you see a plant with 6 leaves. While it’s not common, it can happen and is usually just a genetic anomaly. Some growers even consider it lucky! Have you noticed any other unique characteristics in your plant?