Has anyone else gotten obviously different strains of seeds in the same seed group?

I ordered Gelato buy 10, get 10 feminized and grew 4 plants and there are obviously 2 different strains in there. Is this normal? All are female and look good, but look and smell COMPLETELY different. It would be one thing if I got 1 plant that didn’t look like the other 3, but I have 2 and 2. Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi @orion79 welcome to the neighborhood, seeds are like children just because they have the same parents doesn’t mean they’re going to look alike. Some short, fat, one looks like mom other like grandma and so on


Like @MeEasy said, you cannot say they are different strains because they look different. Gelato is hybrid of hybrids. So all kinds of different lineage there. Some may take after female while others take after male. Depending on what generation of crossing may take after earlier plant within genealogy too.


Yep that’s the mom n grandma I mentioned lol but it could look like the grandma’s uncle


What about purple Bruce Banner?

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I understand them looking different, but the smells are completely different, 1 set smells fruity, the other set smells stinky, like cheese. 1 set has amber pistils while the other set, the pistils are still completely white at the same stage of flower. Even the shape of the colas are different. Its hard to imagine them being this different is all.

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I understand your issue(if they are actually different strains) but honestly I wish I had got more variety than 20 seeds of the same thing :thinking:

I get though that it would be irritating if I expected them all to be the same and I got different not even knowing which was what

Welcome to the community and good luck with your grow

I bought Bruce Banner auto flower and got under developed seeds in every bud. Plus out of 10 seeds I bought only 4 actually grew.

If it was a germination issue they will be replaced under ILGM’s guaranty. I have had 4-5 seeds replaced or credit received the past couple if years because of germination failure.

I dont think its a germination issue, I did have a few seeds that didnt sprout, but the failure rate is acceptable to me.

I would definitely prefer all seeds being the same strain so I do know what is what. Its been a challenge because it seems the needs of each strain are different for nutrients, i was splitting the difference to make both happy, but there always seems to be an issue with one or the other, if I make a correction for one, the other would show a deficiency, its a balancing act lol

Thank you.

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That’s just how plants are it sounds funny when you compare them with people but I was 100% serious when two people have kids they don’t always look alike they can have short tall fat skinny brunette blonde one eats alot the other barely eats etc. The only way that I know to guarantee that the plants are all the same is to clone them

I agree, that’s been my experience to date, I’ve cloned my grows from a cutting rooted to be the mother for several grows, which made them identical. This is my first time growing multiple plants from individual seeds. The different smell is really messing with me, its like the neighbors kids lol

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I actually kinda like knowing that even though (had this situation been presented to me) I got all the same seeds that they grew different…it’s like you have different bud but it’s actually not…this is a positive thing….perspective homie!

I will turn it into a positive, the one I like best gets cloned for the next grow, Winning!