Has any one used chitosal?


I’ve received a sample Bottle just curious if any one have used and what their experience was any input would be appreciated

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Never heard of it. The only thing I could find is that it is made up of oligochitsan and salicin. Oligochitsan is used to prevent blight in potato plants and salicin is related to willow bark (the original source of aspirin) and can be used as an anti-inflammatory medication.

Seems like snake oil to me, but that’s just my opinion.


I too got the free samples a while ago, I have tried that and their Microbial Mass- both spendy stuff. The one is a Chitin, its a mild root stressor, said to promote a plants resistance to stress(disease and pests) by building up a tolerance. Kind of like getting a vaccine, I did not notice any benefit in my grow, but I did not have those issues and I use a plethora of Microbes - they tend to do similar.


How did you use it as a foliar spray or right into the res

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I followed their directions as a root drench, I don’t do foliar. I believe the directions on it were that foliar was the biggest benefit. You’ll have to do some reading, I’m speaking from memory

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I’m hopping someone that has used it as a foliar spray chimes in … thanks for the feedback

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