Has any 1 tried these nutes?

Hey guys,

I just got given these, and was just wondering if any 1 has tried these nutes or had some experience with them, it bills perfect gro and bloom, by spray and grow, and I belive there is a added micro foiler feed bottle, but I only got the 2 part, and I’ll post pics below, and I was wondering if I could use general hydro to supplement? Anyways thanks again guys!!!

Never heard of it but looks solid. Will take a bit of tinkering to get ppms and whatnot in order… and that bloom 1-5-4 will be kinda high in N when u get to late flower. But i see no reason it wont grow good buds.

If i could suggest anything… itd be look into them micro nutes. They arent make or break but they could help push u over the top.

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You’re going to want some Cal-Mag around. I don’t see much in either.

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Good catch @EclecticJack. I saw it on the bottles n didnt read em.

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Do you think I could use the micro out the gh trio, and use the same feed schedule, the npk ration seems to be about the same ?

Uhh that i wouldn’t suggest. Maybe can use it like a baseline… but as the numbers go up, it’ll be different.

Check what ingredients are in the grow ans bloom GH offers. If they are potassium and magnesium nitrate based… it may not hurt much. But im not comfortable saying ‘Yes this works’