Harvesting white widow and blue dream Day 84?

This is my first time. I’m day 84 with white widow and blue dream. Completely freaking out that we’ve made it this far. Wondering if it’s time to harvest. Do I flush them? Do we support a couple days of darkness or???



Welcome to the forum.
Plants look nice job well done.


Plants look great. Tough to tell the trichomes from there. You want more zoom, but you could be in the window at 84 days. Chop earlier for a more energetic high, and later for a more sedative high.


Welcome to the neighborhood. Your plant looks great. I agree with @Stickyicky407 need close up of trichomes to be sure. Great job :clap::blush::v:


Hey @Kcbudgurl , welcome to the forum. Missouri resident here as well.
I cant tell about every plant from the pics, but I can see too many white pistils on one which means its not ready for harvest yet. Weeks left on this one.

A nice clear close up of a cola/bud will help. Something like this…

And this is what you want to see before you start checking the trichomes. Almost all the pistils have dried up and turned brown/red/orange


Welcome to this great place asked a lot of questions I have searched and the answers you seek :eyes: are here and you will have to decide what is best for your situation. There are many routes to follow for instance in my case my nutrients require a 2 week flush before harvest others say its not necessary but the manufacturer’s says to. The path you choose will have many branches to follow and get info. Also full of great people on top of great growers.