Harvesting top colas first?

Hey there hope everyone here is having a great tine learning and expanding there knowledge to the community, im not a big fan of change and usually just harvest the whole plant when the top buds look ready ! This time on my NL auto i decided to cut the main top colas and leave the rest! Will this benefit me in the end? Will the lower buds that have 20 x more light get bigger? Curious for anyone who does this!


Just my first grow so not sure on bigger but it should and also have to watch tricones so you don’t let them go to far!!


@Jarnkat ya the lower branches are definitely way behind in the trichomes thats mainly why i left the lower stuff…always read of growers doing it but figured i would ask around here on this great ILGM site


Harvesting in stages is no big deal. I’ve done it repeatedly.


I am going to have the same call to make in a few weeks…

I am using CFL’s and lack of light penetration is now obvious.

Had decided to give it a go.

Let us know how it works out for you…

Ive heard that lots of growers do a staged harvest

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yes i certainly will! To be honest i cut all the main colas last night and just went down to check them out! I know its only been 12 hours but i can see all the lowers shooting up now towards the light i will upload a few pictures tonight! Why didnt i do this alonnnnnng time ago? Well thats because of patience i guess lol


So how did it work out for ya ?