Harvesting today

Well it’s that day finally Harvest day!!! So now should I cut off all the fan leaves and then hang it or just hang it and let everything dry?

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Depends on your ambient conditions: if you have dry air I’d leave fans on to slow loss of moisture and to act as a bit of a moisture reserve. If it’s a damp climate or ideal *65F/55% RH) I’d definitely get them out of there before harvest. It just spreads out the love a bit haha.


In my very limited and humble opinion I left a small amount of fan leaves on in order to slow the dry time, I was aiming for about 12 days. I even added a couple water buckets with towels propped out of them for homemade humidity wicks. I’d do that again.


Thanks for the advise,even though om anxious and impatient I’m going to try what you’re saying

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