Harvesting Tips Needed!

White widow autoflower - Indoor grow. First time grower here and I think my babies are near ready, if not already ready to harvest, but I have no clue!! This is day 87. I took some pictures of the trichromes. to the best of my ability. Any help would be appreciated. Also, im not sure what the best harvesting methods are.


Looks good to my eyes, lil blurry photos but unless you are taking pictures of trichomes on fan leaves she is in the window. 90 days is about how long my autos have taken also, as a loose guide anyhow.

Lets talk Harvest Technique and DryIng/Curing… whats your plan?

Learn about drying and curing cannabis.

When to harvest:

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Also this chart is my guide.

Search bill ward on youtube he has 3 part series I follow it to a T.

hi there. could u get a close shot of a bud or 2? I see white pistils.

@BigCat13 wanna borrow my :axe:???

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It’s ready @BigCat13…cut and dry. Good luck

@BigCat13 Looks ready to me. Most people chop the whole plant with pruning shears and hang it upside down. If it is really big, some take individual branches. Nice grow!