Harvesting Time!

So, I harvested my White Rhino Auto (9-10wks) and Hindu Kush Auto (7-8wks) at 62 days. One day shy of 9 weeks. Purchased a Wi-Fi scope that attaches to phone. Was seeing 70% milky with several ambers. One of the WR and HK looked like they were ready for several days while the rest looked like they could have gone another week or two, But, the scope doesn’t lie! Trimmed the fan leaves on all. Will wait till later to trim sugar leaves.

A side question. I have A/c exhausting and another exhaust fan that is on sporadically. There is a passive intake to replace exhausted air. It seems I need to put a filter in front of the intake as I had a lot of gnats, spiders, and little flying bugs during the grow. Had the little fly type bugs on the soil alot even though I only watered every 3 days. They would be on the soil even though the top was bone dry. Had several sticky traps laid and they are all full. Lots of little critters stuck to the flowers as well. Extra protein?
Anyway, filter? Is that the norm?

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Sounds like fungus gnats from the soil. A bud wash would be in order just to get the dead gnats off the buds. Probably don’t want to smoke dead gnats.

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I use neem oil as a soil drench to get rid of fungus gnats and yellow stickys,sticks, well as neem oil spray during veg.

Filtering your intake won’t help as these rode in on your soil.

If plant was exposed to inadequate lighting, the uptake is reduced and can cause plants to sit in wet media long enough for fungus gnats to take over.

I would strongly suggest a bud wash as I don’t want to smoke insects in my flower.

I hate Neem oil.

It works,I don’t like the smell but it stops the breeding cycle and it’s a mild growth stimulator.Its systemic, I never use it during flower.

It’s got a scent that I do NOT like and I imagine I can taste it on cured flower. Decided years ago to avoid pesticides if possible; even natural ones. The Spinosad and BtK operate on a different principle and appears to be effective in my area. I would suspect there are pests in some regions that would laugh at both products but I haven’t run into any here.

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I had an infestation of fungus gnats last grow, nothing,not diatomaceous earth or yellow stickeys worked.Finally got rid of them with neem oil soil drench,and I never can taste it on the buds.

If you have an issue with them again; spray the top of soil layer with straight 3% peroxide and that will nuke em instantly. No residue.


Sweet!Thanks for the tip!

What is protocol for bud wash? Before drying?


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Thanks for the tips! I hooked up with Doc Bud’s method. Used 5 - 5 gallon buckets. 1/4c baking soda and 1/4 cup lemon juice in first. Fairly hot water in second and cold water out of hose last 3 buckets. Disgusting! Tons of bugs. Even some in final rinse. Did lose some orange pistols, but worth it to get rid of the gnats.
Hang dried for 2 days, then washed. On day 6 total and buds are fairly dry. just slight damp on the bigger buds. Tried a couple of the tiniest/larfiest buds of White Rhino and NICE! Decent pain kill and nice head high. 3 puffs and last 2-3 hrs. Should be real nice after proper cure. Wasn’t harsh like I was expecting.

Finally harvested my GDP at 11 weeks and 1 day. Only had about 50% orange pistols, but the scope saw mostly milky with some amber. Did Doc’s wash and didn’t see any Fungus Gnats which is good. Haven’t see much in the grow room after doing peroxide flush. Only got 1/2 oz on average per plant from my WR and HK. The GDP is on track for about an ounce per plant. These numbers seem low to me, but happy with what I got. My CM CBD are at 6 1/2 weeks. Three are large and tall. 2 about half as big, and one just wants to be a seedling.
My WR and HK are jarred and ranging from 52-62%RH with one still hanging at 70%RH. Put some of the 70% with a 52% to help stabilize I hope.