Harvesting time

Hi my friends

I have a few questions and I would be grateful if you answer me.

Is this flower to ready to harvest?


Your best indicator is by looking @ trichs.

It will depend on what effect you are striving for.


I have three strains. 18 to nl - eight to ssl and 9 to slh
Unfortunately, the numbers of my flowers have been hermaphrodite (especially my nl strains , of course, since, harvest time of other strains is a few week later, Maybe they are involved too, I do not know, I am a beginner and very sad. Please help me and guide me.
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I’m here for ya my friend. Just let me know and I will help you the best I can ok?

Thank you @garrigan62
As I said, I have three strains. 18 to nl - eight to ssl and 9 to slh
Unfortunately, the numbers of my flowers have been hermaphrodite (especially my nl strains , There was no trace of being bisexual(hermaphrodite) until two weeks ago, but now I see a number of flowers have seeds and of course, since, harvest time of other strains is a few week later, Maybe they are involved too, I do not know, I am a beginner and very sad. Please help me and guide me. What should I do?

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Thank you, but I want a little more guidance and more accurate. @Laurap
And I will be grateful if you answer my next question on this topic about the hermaphrodite.

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@Mazoo what exactly are you asking when and how to harvest?
We can guide you if need be
Your out doors so maybe some else near by had a male plant pollen can travel miles outdoors


My sincere sympanthies! As you may know thc production ends when they are making seeds. However hopefully youve already got some good quality smoke. The seeds from these will carry the herme gene so i wouldnt use them. Check the other plants fro nanners. If they havent producduced seeds yet pull the nanners off with tweezers. What else can i help with sweetie?

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks of your reply. I have not harvest them, because I do not know exactly when to harvest them.
1- Is there a way that they not get more seeds? Because the numbers of seeds in the flowers are still very low and meanwhile most this happened for northen lights. Two other breeds: ssh and slh still don’t ready to harvest yet.

2- Will they become hermaphrodite, my other strains that will be ready other few weeks?

3- Please tell me what to do in the current situation? Do I have to harvest those who have seeds? Or if they stay the next few days, have no problems?

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1 you need a loop or pocket scope harvest when tricombes are in range your looking for
I start watching my tricombes when the pistols are 80% red or brown
use the picture @Laurap posted to help guide you
Clear tricombe heads to early to harvest
All or mostly Milky thc is at its peak more of. A head high
Amber thc is breaking down and converting to cbd more amber more couch lock tuoe of high or sleepy tyoe of high
I prefer around 15-20 amber but everyone is a little different
2 It sounds like your plants have gotten pollenated some how since you mentioned they dont have male and female parts so i cant say if youll get more seeds
3 If it was me id probably take down the ones with seeds they look close to being done anyway
To ensure the other dont get pollinated

Extreme Stress can cause them to self pollenate sometimes its rare but does happen

Does that help you out or can i answer anything else

Here a couple guides that might interest you as well

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@Laurap thank you very much for your kind and prompt reply.

I’m very sad, there were not any males around my flowers and they were very good until a few days ago. Suddenly, seed production started when I thought I should harvest them.
Is it possible that it is past since their harvest?

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Don’t be down. You’ve done remarkably well for a first timer to even get to the end of a grow with healthy plants.

Do a search on google for 6 Reasons to Keep Male Marijuana Plants

Next year I intend to only buy regular seeds and aim to grow all of them…

Good luck


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You had plants ‘hermie’, or a female that produces seeds. This is usually due to stress on the plants (lighting, pH, rH, nutes, etc.)

Personally, I think that based on the size of the flowers pictured, you got lucky, and the stress happened late in flower, because those are fat. I would harvest yesterday, because like @Laurap said, once they start focusing on seed production, they lose focus on THC production. Fat, sticky THC-laden pistils attract pollen. Once the job is done, it’s time to move on.


Thank you very much for your kind and prompt reply.

I bought 40 femenised seeds. 20 northen lights of Royal Queen seed, 10 super silver haze of Greenhouse seed, 10 super lemon haze without any male seed.

My problem is that I did not want my flowers to be hermaphrodite. There was no male around them, but unfortunately this happened. Although this happened in the last few days that I was ready to harvest , it really got me upset.
Of course, There are very few of them (seed) but…
I’m afraid that they will grow up. Is it possible that the seeds grow more day by day?
What can I do to not more seeds? I want to sell them and when the flowers have seeds, buyers will complain. In your opinion, if I pick them up sooner, is it better? And maybe, if I do not pick it up soon, the seeds will get more in the future days?

I feel they are ready to harvest, although I do not know the it’s exact time. I’ll send a few photos for you.

IMG_20180913_131650_322 IMG_20180913_132823_660 IMG_20180913_132946_476


I explained above how to determine if they are ready above brother
You need a jewlers loop or pocket scope 30x or better
you need to get a look at tricombes
As far as the seeds you should harvest the ones with seeds and let the others go till ready i also supplied you two guides that help explain everything I suggest you give them a good read as well
I cant tell you if they are ready from your pictures they look good and at least close but you need to determine with a pocket scope
And nobody ever hopes for a hermi plant alsi as I mentioned they could have been pollinated by someone else outdoors pollen travels miles
If its only a couple seeds I personally would be stressing it
Ill dind a few seeds occasionally with my grows as well and i grow indoors


Thank you @Whodat66.
The last irrigation was three days ago. Can I harvest tomorrow or Saturday and do not need to stay other next few days?

Meanwhile, in your opinion, I should not be upset and sad about it😔. I was very happy with the high yield but it upset me.

This is a wild string . JUST GET THE TRIMMERS OUT !! and get the buds with seeds, out of the picture ! Maybe it will stop, but only if caused by stress. If they were pollinated, your probably going to have a big problem, considering the quantity of your grow. Sorry, this advise is only worth .02 cents. , but that’s what I would do.


Not beating dead horses. If it was me I would count my lucky stars that I didn’t kill them yet, and count every smokable gram as a plus. Do what you think is best.


@Pat2 Thank you for your guide.

I think the reason is the stress or the lateness of harvest time.
Will they affect on other buds after harvest when drying?
Will I get rid of seeded buds? Or take them out, generally, with the rest of the buds (a plant full of roots) and dry?

You can still dry and smoke the buds with seeds. The quality probably won’t be quite as good, but should still do the trick. Back in the 70’s all the weed had buds with seeds, that’s just the way it was, you would clean out the seeds, and stalks, and smoke what was left. And I don’t think you have any mature seed pods to pollen, so just cut em, dry em, and smoke em.