Harvesting time question

Please help. I have harvested some plants early and I believe some plants late. Each harvest was not smoking as good as I’d like. Not sure if I need to let the next batch continue or not. Will they get better or degrade?
I’m in week 7 on my Cali Dream and White Runtz and week 8 on my Banana Kush. Trichroms are clear cloudy and amber. All pistols are brown/amber. What should I do?

@Covertgrower @MrPeat
Do you have any insight on my issue?
Also all pistols turned brown and shrunk/retreated to the bud but new white hairs started growing

What percentage of trichomes would you say are white? Over 80%?

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Maybe 50-60%

She still has time. I would post a picture when you can.

Ok I’ll post some shortly

Ok this was the best pick of the trichroms I could get. Hope you can see. They look a Lill degraded, don’t you think?

Hard to tell by that photo. :pensive: