Harvesting Temps

So the tent 3x3 is close to harvest but have new problems. Tent avg 55% RH so that is good but temp is 86-93. How can it harvest and dry in those Temps? Hearing I could ruin this at the finish line… HELP!!! Thoughts and suggestions very welcome

If you can find a cooler place, it would be better for drying. But then again, people in Mexico used to chop the plant, and hang it to dry upside down in those temps…

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…after they sprayed it down with Paraquat…:>(

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If you are in the last couple weeks of flower you can turn the grow light power down some that should help reduce heat being created by the panels and driver or try for more airflow possibly as well alsowhat type of lighting are you using?

The tent is in a garage in a warm climate. No opportunity to dry inside. Any cheap ideas how to lower temp? Don’t want last 3 Mos to go to waste. First grow so trying to learn if feasible in the environment that is available.

I dont know the layout of your garage,population density etc, but,if its an option,drying outdoors may be a better option…