Harvesting some earlier than others

Some of my buds are more developed than others, so can I harvest the ones that are ready without stressing out the plant and possibly lose the ones that need more time to developed???:innocent:

The first two pics are the ones that are developing faster, the third is a pic of the ones that are developing slower. Help!!!

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The branches are heavy
with buds .

You can, but it’s not something most growers will ever do.

I know it looks like it’s ready to the naked eye, but have you checked the trichomes yet?

That was my first thought I was waiting for someone else to say it but I think you need some more time

I’m not very good at judging by pictures and I sat on my better glasses and don’t get them replaced for another week so I don’t say too much, but I do agree that it maybe needs more time, or at least check those trichomes, what are you looking for, Clear, cloudy, Amber, in between?

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Definitely dont pick till its ripe.
And yes use the trichomes method.
But there is no problem cutting your crowns out if there done to allow light into the lower less mature section.
Sometimes you need to do it this way to get the most out of the lower sections

Will cutting the crowns stress out the plant?? And will I lose the remainder of the undeveloped buds?? Because the stress it may go through.

I spose it will a little. Ive pulled top crowns before to allow bottom ones to finish. Ihad no problems. As long as you only take the top mature bud. Dont chop half the plant or anything like that

When you say crowns that is the stem with the buds correct?? I have buds that are measuring 1 to 2.5 feet long. My biggest thing is that part of this plant is against the house (its growing on my deck): and it doesn’t get as much light as the rest of the plant but for most of my plant it gets plenty of light, this is my first attempt at this and have had great success. Very excited about harvesting.

If your growing on your deck I’m guessing your growing in pots? If so, you should always rotate your pots either daily or atleast once a week so that every part of your plant gets equal amounts of sun. If for some reason you can’t rotate the pot, you could always maybe do a very light string tie around the brach that isn’t getting as much sun, and prop it away from the wall and more towards the sun? Just an idea

What about the buds that are more mature, will it cause problem s for them? Oh and thanks for getting back to me. Here is my girl

she is about nine foot the buds on the other side are beautiful

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