Harvesting SEEDS

I’m pretty sure the ilgm mix packs are all fem

Are photos feminized? I don’t know :man_shrugging:, I only know they are photos

Whether a seed is photoperiod or autoflowering is a completely separate trait from sex. Feminized seeds, as opposed to regular, can be photoperiod or autoflowering.

Right now, as far as I know, all of ILGM seeds are feminized. They did offer a handful of regular seeds years back, and perhaps they will again. It must be that demand for regular seeds is much lower than feminized, and I can understand why.

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THis my sound funny but ive been doing it for about25 years and its never let me down. Ok here we go I use crushed up asprin and dust the septers and you will have ALL female seeds every time. it really works

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@hercules That’s amazing. What’s a septer?

it is what catchs the polen. the asprin acts as polen and there is no male dna so seeds will be female everytime. I know it does sound different but it does work. you really have to polverize the asprin so it makes a cloud. dont do this around your plants doit somewere else. its fake polen and it will make fem seed. i have 27 different strains i plan on opening up my own seed company maybe this year as long as they go legal in my state.

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nice plant it looks real busy NICE good job

the last order of seeds i got from ilgm went to seed. a big bummer i found them on week 5. so know ive cut back on buying from them. my seeds that i make dont do that. my are all female . you will all see my seed company comming out maybe this year or next for sure. i have name and logo ready to go

Wow. That almost sounds like magic.

Lemme understand your claim. You’re saying that simply by dusting the stigmas (edit: with aspirin dust), you’re observing the plants self-seed?

I have questions.

  1. When you grow in the same space but don’t do this, do you ever find your female plants exhibiting hermaphroditism?

  2. Do you mark which flowers have been dusted with aspirin? Are those the only locations that produce seed?

  3. How many seeds have you grown that were produced in this way? What is the sample size that supports your 100% female number?

  4. When buying seeds, have you always purchased feminized seeds, or have you purchased regular seeds?

Please answer each separately.

What offerings are you going to release through this new company?
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the only seeds that hermed on me was the last batch i bought from ilgm. no really i never had one of my seeds murf.out on me yet. i have a bud chamber for making seed. i dont mix with main bud chamber. #2 i have them marked for what strain they are and the whole plant gets polen.#3 well i really cant say how maney but ive been making my own seeds for at least 15 years. well let me tell ya ive growen at least 2000 or so well let me see ill do the math on just last year. ok just did the math i budded 360 plants last year with all of MY seed and there were NO males all bud.I read about this in high times years ago and it works.#4 i always buy feminized seeds. im a strain hunter.i just love to grow pot thats all. and i like helping people grow there own . I LOVE IT and its my life. i hope i answered your questions. im just a old country boy trying to grow weed.

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you know i usely i catch alot of slack or bs what ever you want call it when i tell people about this way of seed making. its all good a know in my heart it works. i just like to help people thats all. i see your in bergmans lab so im sure you know stuff. so here we go. ill try to answer your questoins best i can.

Thank you for the answers. I have some follow-up questions, if that’s alright.

  1. When in the plant’s life cycle do you apply the aspirin powder? How many times?

  2. Once you apply it, do you notice any changes in the plants, immediately or over time?

  3. How many generations have you taken this to? Meaning, how many times have you taken your aspirin-fem seed, grown it, pollinated with aspirin again, working literally the same line?

  4. Have you noticed any changes in the morphology over multiple generations?

  5. Is there a particular brand of aspirin that you use?

  6. Do you check your untreated flowers for seed?

  7. Do you ever find that the aspirin treatment fails to produce seed?

Thanks for answering!

I admit I’m highly skeptical, but I’m being objective. If this works for you, then it should be replicable, right? The point of science is to ascertain truth by trying to both prove and disprove assertions.

Can you think of any other possible explanations for the presence of seeds in your seeded-flower space? (Btw, is your “seed flower” space near your seedless flower space? Do they share the same air?)

thats cool and no it has its own air cond. and exhust. I did read about this in high times mag. thats where i got it from.so someone else was doing it way back when. i tryed it and it worked.
im 58 years old im far beyond trying to bs anyone. and just like you said it does work for me for some reason. thats why i dont talk about it. people find it hard to beleve. but thats ok im good with that.

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I’m trying to be respectful and fair, and taking you at your word. That doesn’t mean I have to assume you’re correct. So my question about what else could cause seeds isn’t about calling you a liar; I’m asking if you can think of other reasons that would explain the seeds you’re finding.

If you believe you’re correct, then answering my questions would allow me (or anyone else) to replicate the same process. Does that make sense?

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@hercules This is a VERY interesting conversation! I’m still waiting for the brand of aspirin? lol

yeah it does and thank you. i respect what you say. you know this is the most that i have talked with anyone about it. i can send you some pictures some time of my plants.ive got 60 in bud area at 3 weeks looking awsome and they are all my seed.

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i use plan generic asprin lol

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Glad we’re on the same page. I’m less interested in photos (but feel free to share!) and more interested in the exact process. I’m entirely willing to try it on one of my plants. I do not believe this will work, because I can’t but belief doesn’t matter. Evidence matters.

I always want to explore/eliminate the likeliest explanations if I’m trying to gain understanding. You know your setup better than anyone, but I would determine if there’s a light leak that’s causing the most minor hermaphroditism.

I’d also look for evidence in the morphology of the offspring; your theory proposes that only one pair of chromosomes should be available. It’s sorta breaking my brain, but that would mean there’s no opportunity for recombination. Normal cannabis fertilization relies on somewhat randomized chromosomes from grandparents to form sperm and ovum. (Yes, pollen grains contain sperm.) Then during fertilization the sperm and egg both recombine their (2 pairs, 4 total) strands into a single pair and two wasted chromosome chains. If, genetically, you only have one parent, you’re a clone. So if this process produces seeds, then we could expect uniformity.

Again, I don’t have any faith that acetylsalicylic acid causes apomixis in cannabis, but I’m willing to try to replicate your results if you detail your process.

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ok thats cool. frist the clone comes from a mother plant that was bought online as a seed. i cloned the seed plant and made my mother. from that i take my clones.i use the clone when big enough to make some seed. i dont make seeds from a seed plant that i made i just bud it out. ok all i do is take straight asprin and pluverize it until it makes a cloud in the air and i blow it over the plant and bud it. then harvest the seeds. i bud them in a other spot. thank you for being open minded.