Harvesting protocols

ItI’m getting close to the harvest. Im doing an outdoor gro. I think I understand the harvesting concept but I just have one issue. Should I harvest just the part that is ready or wait til whole plant looks ready? Im seeking the optimum for all of the effort. This is bag seed that I’ve practiced all the ilgm techniques. I have your seeds for next gro.

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if your tops are the way you like sure you can take them and let lower buds mature… @novacare

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I always harvest from the bottom up. I go by the tric’s on the main cola.

Harvesting the whole plant at once is a guerilla grow tactic: You swoop in there and chop it all down at 4 AM on a moonless night, in case the cops are watching. If you are legal or concealed on your own property, then you can just take the parts that look ready, according to the trichomes. Maybe those buds you left will be perfect in another week or so.


Sounds good. One other question- mine ripens from the tip to the trunk - does that sound right ? As long as I’m at it how long will the program tend to run ?

@novacare, I did just that on the grow before last on a WW. It worked out beautifully and the second cutting, two weeks later, turned into a “special reserve” it was so good. Got a half pound off that plant too.

And yes: from the top down typically.

Cutting the buds off on the top that are ready to go will offer two things:

  1. more light to the lower buds in the plant
  2. more energy will be diverted to the remaining bud sites when the others are removed.

IME If you are not in a rush, then I would harvest top down as it’s ready!