Harvesting, Powdery Mildew & Cloudy Trichomes

Howdy folks.
I was wondering if you all could weigh in with advice regarding a wee situation I’ve got going on.
So, I was testing a small grow of White Widow before I bit the bullet and ran a full sized grow. I have 4 White Widows in an ebb & flow, 55 G reservoir, NextLight Mega Commercial LEDs, proper circulation, ventilation, AC system, dehu system.
Everything was running beautifully as expected but then I had a dehu malfunction that took a few days to fix. During that time my humidity got pretty damn high and even with the AC it was living around 60%.
Low and behold shortly after I noticed the little fuzzy spots of doom: I’ve got PM. Awesome. Now, prior to me noticing the spots, I had re-mediated the dehu situation and got the environment under control again.
Sooooo, I clipped, I H2O2’ed. I did everything a good girl is taught to do in order to manage a PM problem.
However, nothing really worked. I’ve had to inspect and manage the girls daily. But I’m no expert when it comes to PM because honestly, it’s the first time in almost a decade of growing that I’ve ever had this problem. I’m having a HELL of an internal battle in my head trying to decide when I should harvest these ladies. Their trichomes are beautifully cloudy with juuuuust a few ambers, but their stigmas are still mostly white. Maybe 5-10% are amber. The white ones are still standing at full attention.
Under normal circumstances I would obviously wait for the stigmas to mature and brown but because of this damned PM problem I’m torn.
Should I cut the girls down now (after my flush completes and after my lights-out period)? Should I hold out until the stigmas amber up appropriately and keep clipping away at the leaves with PM?
What do you all think?
If you need to see some photos before you weigh in just let me know and I’ll be happy (and slightly embarrassed) to put some up for you.
Thanks friends!!

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Outdoor growers have this issue and the conscientious ones make sure to wash the harvest in peroxide and water before drying. I manage my grow space for prevention but the spores are present and I could argue that even if it’s not ‘visible’ the WPM is present on most late flowering plants (unless special air intake filtration is done I suppose). I treat prophylactically (is that a word lol) and do a bud wash at harvest.

The other benefit of the wash is my cured flower stays ‘fresh’ longer.

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I’m absolutely bud washing. That’s not even a question.
What I am torn on is when do I harvest it? I still have white stigmas but my trichomes are cloudy. Do you think it’s ok to wait until the stigmas mature with the PM issue I have, understanding that there’s definitely going to be a wash? Or do you think that I should harvest now?

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Run it out; keep RH low and plenty of air movement. Bud wash at harvest and enjoy your crop. I manage it and then do a complete sterilize there at the end.


Thank you!! I appreciate your insight so very much. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I slept in a Holiday Inn Express once haha. I’m just an old stoner growing cannabis instead of weed (hopefully).

Frankly, I hope you stick around because I see you are a squared away grower. I enjoy your posts and the positive energy.


Ohh I am here to stay.
I’m literally a lone ranger where I live and do business so there is NO ONE I can talk to, in terms of colleagues and other growers. It can get lonely and super alienating. The bourgeoisie in my area still views my profession as meth cooking (but I can smell the lingering hints of earthy pine and skunk, lol. Hypocrites)
But I love it here!!! I love learning new things and I love helping people.
Maybe one day we can be legitimate teachers helping students grow IN PERSON!!! :slight_smile:


Do you have access to a sulfur burner…?
This will eradicate the fungal spores in the entire area…
Shouldn’t hurt final product, if you can push them 2 more week’s , you will salvage the buds…
Your real problem is the fact that the mold is there now…
Sulfer burner will kill the mold and fungus that’s now all over the room…
Depending on how big the room is , you might need to burn a few of them at one time…
Main thing when doing this , is to not spray your plants with anything for the next 2 weeks or you might allow the plant to take the sulfur into the plant tissue and cause a burning situation that looks like over nutrition…
Only way I know how to kill all of the mold and fungus in the room… :wink::+1:
Make sure to research what I’m saying before you take action… :wink::+1:

Funny you should bring this up.

After many years of growing, wpm hit me this fall. It began on my outdoor grows. Then I noticed it in my flowering tent.
I hit all the flowering plants with a milk water solution. I bleached the tent walls. That stunk like hell and left a white residue on everything. So white I couldn’t tell if it was milk proteins or wpm.
Then I hit everything with diluted h202.
Wpm came back.
I noticed it on my plants in the veg tent.
I hit everything with straight h2o2. And rebleached everything

A few days later it was back.

I hit it all again with straight h2o2. Some plants weren’t happy.

Still, wpm re appeared.

I sprayed with “Safer” fungicide. That left a stinky metallic sheen on everything, smelled like farts, and the wpm returned.
More bleach

Then it came back, and spread to my other veg tent that’s 2 floors up.

I bought serenade and doused everything. It made the house stink like warm vomit in a pile of manure.

Still the wpm came back.

I doused everything again, then 3-4 days again, repeat, douse repeat. The wpm still re appeared. Serenade seems to delay it, but it’s no cure.

2 days ago I doused all the veg plants with green cure. Nothing yet, but I’m sure it’ll re appear. Green cure is supposedly no bueno for flowering, so I’m still hitting those flowering plants with serenade. Hopefully they finish and don’t taste bad.

I h2o2 all my harvests. I run a dehumidifier. I’m pretty fastidious about being clean, but I can’t seem to eradicate it completely.

If I can’t get rid of it this round. I’m going to stop my grow. Nuke the tents with a sulphur burner. Get rid of everything and start over. It’s really frustrating.

I understood that sulphur burning wasn’t good for flowering buds, and could be harmful to lighting. Correct?

If I were to do it over, I’d immediately toss the infected at first sign. Not try to cure them.

@the2409labs I ’d be really careful about spreading those spores. You’re big time. Don’t screw around. Bag them and get them the hell out of there. You do NOT want those spores getting out and ruining everything.

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It’s a catch 22…lol
She can salvage the buds and the rooms if she can push them at least 2 more weeks and then chop wash and dry …
After the sulfur burn , you really need to bring the humidity down… if the plants transpire really fast during the burn or after , then theres a chance that they will burn … either a little , or a lot…
Sulfur burning can be a little tricky…
Most people do this when they have bug and mold issues , as a last resort…
Kills the mold and fungus , the bugs , well…
Not entirely…
Depends on your situation…
But definitely a go getter when it comes to mold and fungus… :+1::wink:

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On the outdoor plants I’ve harvested with wpm, I’ve left them soaking in the h2o2 bath for 10+minutes. Still the wpm was visible. I’ve agitated, swirled, and even gently rubbed the buds to remove it.

I’m assuming the h2o2 kills the stuff, but it’s still slightly visible even after all that.

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Hi @the2409labs, I had some issues too at the end of flower with my Blackberry Kush plant. I used Bregmans mold protector and sprayed the plants from top to bottom and the underside of the leaves as well. Then the hard part. I used a ton of paper towels moistened with the solution and wiped every leaf I saw with it and cut off the fans that were receiving little light. Changeing out the paper towels very frequently. Did it for a 6 days straight. And l sprayed the plants before lights out. It was all gone for the last two weeks and I harvested Saturday night.