Harvesting pointers needed

I’ve grown 3 times now and have gotten progressively better results but still am not getting the dense buds I see posted here often times. I let the plants run a little longer this time around which produced the colas you see. Is this the optimal time to process it? Did I wait too long or not long enough? Not all plants looked like the attached photos. The ones that didn’t seem to turn like these are a bit more flakey and hardly dense at all.

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What kind of lights are you using. As far as the pics you posted, they look close, but keep in mind many plants will really bulk up the last couple of weeks.


For this grow I was using two
SPIDER FARMER SF-2000 LED I’m upgrading to a SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED for the next grow. The main difference being this is designed for a 5x5 (I’m currently in a 4x4).

I’m thinking my humidity may have been two low during the drying period, I was having a hard time keeping it above 35%

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There’s a lot of factors involved with bud density. If they are dense before harvest, they should stay dense after drying. Ideally you want to do a slow dry, determined by rh and temperature. Temperature in the 60’s and rh around 60% would give you a nice slow dry. Getting those numbers can be difficult, just get as close as possible.

Genetics, nutrients, environmental elements can all play a part in your results, as far as density of your bud.


Ok so they leads me to my next question. Is there a range of humidity/temperature I should maintain week to week? I assume this varies from one strain to the next but is there a general guideline?

OK if you are asking about drying, strain shouldn’t matter. If you are asking about during the grow, same thing, strain isn’t a factor. Are you familiar with VPD, Vapor Pressure Deficit. At different stages of growth will determine where you should keep your temperature and rh.

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Here is what my humidity is.

I have never had a single issue. No mold. No insects. No deficiencies. No bud rot. No root rot. Party at Peat’s place.

I live in South Texas and I grow Super Beasts of Sativas and my Indicas have hit 6 feet indoors. I also grow 12/12 start to finish. I don’t pH nor check PPM either.

Also never had a Hermie nor a Male plant. I grew 1 male on purpose.

Yup I am an anomaly.

Now my first plants was small compared to now. I run HLG and it made a huge impact. Expensive up front but paid for themselves first harvest.

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This is awesome info! What app are you using? Does it tell you this data live?


My post or Bulldog?

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That’s a foreign language to me but I’d love to learn more. Is there somewhere on the site that elaborates on it?

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Its Horticulture Lighting Group. Higher end lights at a reasonable price.

That is the Sensor Push. It erases the data after 1 year. Its been a life saver like when the curtain blocks the window ac. I can see by temp something is wrong. Before I could go days with a heat problem and no know it.

There is other brands that so this as wellz

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Sorry, your post. Also, what’s hlg? I’m a noob :joy:

I reposted this response because I wasn’t sure if I responded directly to you.

I’ll get back in a bit,getting ready to head out. More than likely others will be around. Get set to learn :100: :+1:


Oh so that app is specific to those lights?

I appreciate the awesome input TY!

No…HLG is lights. Sensor Push is a product. It costs money and that is what the app is…Sensor Push.

Its not something you just down load. You have to have the Sensor Push. It monitors the temps and humidity.

HLG doesn’t have an App and my picture has nothing to do with the lights. Two different things.

Ok gotcha. I have sensors just no way to watch remotely or watch the history so I was curious. I’ll definitely take a look at it.

You can also get a govee sensor they run a bit cheaper about $40-$50 and do the same as the sensor push. If nothing else just get a cheap wall clock with the outside thermometer and put that thing in your tent to monitor it but the govee and push sensor will actually record it so yo can view it on a chart

Also if you have issues with temps and or humidity you can buy a inkbird controller and hookup your humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, fan, and or AC. They only have 2 plug ins tho one for heat and one for cooling but it will maintain temps and humidity for you

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I saw this picture posted on here it has temp and RH ranges.