Harvesting outdoors

I grow every year in middle southern Tennessee… today is the day I harvest my outdoor crop… I have been watching them real closely… 7days ago the ladys starting there amber color… 10 -15%…
Today is thursday rain coming 2maro thro the week end… I haven’t no choice but to pluck that which I planted…5 to 8inches in three days is alot of water… light frost got them last night.
I read on here indoor frow harvest… Turning lights out before reaping what you have sown… ??? Reason please… should I harvest in the dark??

Harvest as close to dawn as possible

During the day the pant is creating energy thru photosynthesis Which causes the plant to draw up the starches it stores inside it.

During the night these are starches are stored in the root system

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Starches . Meaning sugars. Correct??
What’s the pros and con daylight verses dark. What’s the difference in the finished product?? I’ve heard over the years from different growers. Wanted to get it in the peak of the day… Thank you … this is valuable info… I grow outdoors every year with some really great luck!!!

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Harsh and bitter versus smooth and flavorful.

I would also strongly suggest a bud wash in peroxide and water to remove environmental crap and dead bugs and live ones and most of all residual white powdery mildew which I guarantee is present on your outdoor plant.


Wow this video really opened my eyes… awesome info

Looks like you’ve been given great advice.

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I made the harvest this morn. At 4:15
Skinny dipped my lady
Hanging now with a fan blowing



I love the snapping sound of a beetle in a bongo hit!


Looking good man. Im also in middle TN. When is this state gonna go legal. Come on. I grow indoors. But want to outdoors sooooo bad.

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Didn’t the president put cannabis in the control of state legislators?

I’ve been growing for a little while now and determining the perfect harvest time has been a bit of a struggle. I’ve heard so many different things. Trich ratios 80/20, 70/30, 60/40. Someone showed me this cool little device that you put on your phone to take pics of your buds and this app HiGrade will analyze the trichs and tell you when the perfect time to harvest is. Anyone else heard of this?

Nope! I just know that a few things tell you when to cut er doon mon. If the weather is threatening to kill or cause mold… cut er doon mon. If the lower leaves are all yellow and falling off and the the tops are stinking with resin… cut er doon mon. If you have the desired ratio of trichome tanning… cut er doon mon. Outdoors, mother nature mostly dictates how long you can let her run. At a certain point it gets too cold for the plant to be productive anyways.