Harvesting on 6ft autoflowers

Week 13 of autoflower and everytime i look at trichomes in microscope they look like icicles with no bulbs. How close to harvest am i based off the pics?

Had a Northern Lights do exactly that. Finally just harvested it for edibles. Was over 17 weeks
It never stopped growing, and like yours took over the whole tent. Never got much cloudy trikes,


Yea i just might chop them down at this point i dont know where im at in terms of harvest.

What was the high like with mostly clear trichs

Prepare your spot on the couch before smoking just in case !!!

Looks … so hard to tell. So many white pistles still

With edibles I dont see any difference between strains or ripeness.
It takes very little for me to feel effects.
Mostly I grow for the wife. She uses most of it. She said it was fine.

The third photo clearly shows a perfect example of foxtailing. If you ever see it again you’ll know what it looks like. The tiny towers of knobs building upon themselves.

Your plant will continue to build those towers with new calyx building on top of old. The buds further down are long mature past done.

Cut it down!


Duude that thing is nukkin futz


How do the lower bud trichs look with such thick buds those top girls could just have an unripe outer layer but I give her 2 weeks

If you don’t mind me asking can I get a little info? Which strain? Light,medium? Just curious! She’s a monster!!

I’ve seen Sativa dominant hybrids run 16 -18 weeks in flower no shit, they ripe when they ready, but that means the roots was healthy if they were still going, you wish you get another one I betcha ?

So the strain is a bit unknow cause i bought these auto seeds maybe 2 years ago so they are either ilgm blue berry ilgm amnesia haze. The light is a 1000 watt hps but ive been running it on 750 watts on the dimmable setting cause i saw the heat was foxtailing the buds a bit. I let them grow naturally big mistake cause i have a 4x4 tent about 7 ft tall and they ran into the light around 6 weeks of veg. The plants are actaully just under 6 ft but the 5 gallon pots make them a little over 6ft. Using fox farm ocean forest soil fox farm trio nutes about once a week.

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I knew it soon as I read it what the issue was, it’s all so common now. 5 gal pots, auto, and pack the tent full with autos, not with a sativa dominant auto.
All you can do is harvest the top colas before you light burn the buds , and if the plants in late flower past week 5 or 6, auto or not remove as many big sun leaves to get air moving are you will have bud rot and light burn, in my opinion without a respectful picture of the situation you up against.
you thought they was going to grow normal and that’s it huh , you had no clue you would be in a fight with a plant .

I took your advice seemed most logical i recheck the trichs and tryed to look at spots that werent foxtailing found alot of milky trichs and the lower parts seemed to have more milky trichs then the top probably cause they werent developing new growth from foxtailing. I got them drying now thanks for the advice. Got purple punch growing now i think ill stick to indica and keep them small for a bit lol.

My last auto was a jack herer. She took 136 days total and did not start flowering until 50+ days. The buds filled out a lot the last month but the trichomes never did turn. It was in a extra grow space so it really didn’t matter how long she took.
Your buds look nowhere close to done. Because of its height the top 25% might end up decent but the bottom 75% will be fluff and not worth much plus it messes up everything else in the tent. Did you ever try LST? Had she been harnessed hard telling what she could have produced. It might have been one of those 1/2 pounders.
This is it on harvest day

Always extend the dark periods to force stubborn vegging strains .

Nice work on your plants and i lst and top but i let those ones just grow naturally i didnt have much info as to what the exact strain was i didnt even no if i had a photo or auto plant untill the strecthing and pistills really started going. Lifes a learning experience im growing purple punch auto now gonna stay away from sativa dominate strains and just keep learning and haveing fun growing.

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@EMTCPR3, well at least you know they don’t just stay small by they selves lmao, they stretch big lol :laughing:, im only laughing because it’s the exact same thing I had happen with a sativa dominant auto, and in my first trial I aaa using Advance full nutrient line right.
You can used that B-52 and Over drive with about any nutrient line to be honest and still get good results, that’s a snippet know body talks about, but I had a real mix and match recipe with store bought brands and I did extremely well on a few harvest and here comes the soy bean grandson tells, how simple you can get quadruple the results with cheaper household products or over the counter , And that was 5 or 6 years ago I stop buying name brand nutrients.
I don’t even used nutrient until after the first two weeks in flower :hibiscus: almost, milk :baby_bottle:, molasses, lime, and water with epsom salt :salt: that’s it .