Harvesting massive buds-vs-average buds

Im sure yall have gone over this before in this vast temple of knowledge yall call a forum lol so i apologize in advance if you have to repeat yourself im a rookie finishing my first grow i ran 2 bagseed,3 purple haze, and 1 gold leaf both from ilgm the goldleaf I way over dried in 7 days the purp was still a lil moist after 7 days…this wouldn’t bug me except the goldleaf buds were 3-4 times bigger than the purp… With that being said one of my bagseeds is 8ft tall ft wide with 20 shoots most of which have rather large 10-20 in long and 2-6 in wide… Do these dry and cure the same. How can i tell when their so thick? Sorry for paragraph lol

I hang them upside down in a brown paper bag for 5-7 days. You want the stem to crack but not break. If it just snaps in half its over dried to that point. Then after that put them in jars and open the jars each day for 30 minutes to breath and get fresh air in.


I use these to monitor my humidity, it takes the guess work away. No idea where you are so look for similar in your area. I also use 60g 62% boveda packs to maintain my humidity once dried. As soon as I hit the magic 62% I remove everything and monitor to make sure all is stable. A top tip I learned here was to use a fan leaf to help raise your humidity. You’re going to need something to help monitor your humidity levels now. I keep one in my tent, one in my drying area and one in my curing jar. That way I can see exactly what’s happening and where :sunglasses:


Drying times depend on several factors.
Your temps and humidity where you are drying them.
Higher temps with lower humidity and it will dry faster.
I usually shoot for around 70f and 60% RH but if lower RH etc I will adjust how I prepare them for drying.
whether you hang the plant up without removing branches (dries slower) if you trim branches of main stem and hang (dries faster)
If you leave all fan leaves etc on plant dries slower…if you remove leaves ie wet trim them first will dry faster.
Plant mass (how big they are) will also affect how fast or slow they dry.
To me these are what I take into consideration and decide how I’ll prepare the plant for drying.

When is it dry enough to finish trimming and put in jars?
Smaller branches with less material will dry faster than larger ones.
I squeeze the buds to get a feel for how wet they are during drying as well as checking the branches for bend vs snap…
If you jar them too early and you have one of those mini hygrometers that fit in jars you’ll know after several hours what the RH is. If so remove them and continue drying them say in brown paper bags.
Your end goal is to have them between 55-65% humidity when all said and done.

My dry times before jarring have ranged from 5-9 days depending on temps, humidity how I prepared them (whole or cut up trimmed or not) and how big the pieces are.

Hope this helps…



Thats my girl

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Huuuuge lady.
Looks like you had to remove the tent fabric and mount the lights on the ceiling because of how tall she got…

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That’s exactly right lmao i was not prepared for or even expect her go grow so big…wish i knew her strain

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Lucky guy! Nice. With buds that size you use the same methods as smaller ones, just mite take longer. I agree with hang them upside down let them dry till twigs snap without breaking. Move to jars burp 1 or 2 times a day till the outside feels dry but bud still squishy, rebounds from being squeezed. Then burp once a week till its all good… watch for mold, head that shit off immediately!!! Check daily for firt 3 weeks at least.

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