Harvesting marijuana questions

Some questions from a fellow grower:

I need info on harvesting. How long do I let the buds grow? Also how to
trim and dry and whatever else you do after you harvest? Also do I chop
down the whole tree or branches at a time? Also do I need to break up
huge buds that are over 4". Do I pick them off the branch or hang up the
whole branch. Branches vary in thickness from .25" to .5". The base of
the main plant stem is 2" in diameter. This is a Zeus super sativa

You should download and read the free e-book.


I can never get my triclomes to turn amber ive flushed plants water starved them left them for 12 weeks and still no amber not bad weed though but not the super stuff

Well Crissones

You don’t make your trichomes amber; It happens when the plant is finishing. If you do not have amber trichomes, then you flushed and harvested to early.

I have let them go over 12 weeks ww and still can not get amber triclomes have 40x loop to see them this is my 3rd year growing

how long should you go they have been flowering for over 12 weeks all hairs are brownish and bottom leaves are dying off only cloudy triclomes no amber this is my 7 th grow and I can never get the triclomes amber the plants start ed dying off after 12 weeks

I have answered your question! Wait. You always harvest too early if you have no amber trichomes. There is no guaranteed finish date for hybrid MMJ plants… It will be done when it is done.

If you really want to finish faster; Lower your photo Period to 10/14

I can’t really see them very early with a 40x scope, I need a 60x to really see the sometimes subtle yellowing. But watching bud swell and new calyx and pistil development is another way to tell when your plant is done, this development will slow drastically if not cease completely when the plant is finished. You usually should see some yellowing of the trichomes a bit before absolutely all new pistil hairs cease to develop. in other words, before absolutely all pistils have turned orange or brown.

got auto flower white widow 8 weeks in to flower and have very small popcorn buds tried all different nukes and light timing do not seem to be fatten up whats wrong

What kinda lights you useing? Even autos take longer at times. Nothing is set in stone. I just started getting Amber tricombs, only a few. It started flowering a week before thanksgiving. That’s 11 weeks now, I changed time on mine after 4 weeks to 10/14, that’s why it’s a bit early.
Remember PATIENCE, it is worth it, what’s another week any ways.

800 watt hps with bio thrive nukes the buds are no bigger then thumb nails and are turning amber be lucky to get 2 ounces out of six plants

Yes something is not quite right. Maybe one of the other members will jump in.

It’s not the light…the plants were most likely stressed at one point or another. Or possibly more than once during its grow cycle… this would or could account for small buds.
When a plant gets stressed it may take some time to recover. While recovering she use’s her energy to regroup instead of growing buds thus there is alot of time missed in bud production. = small buds


didn’t have any discolored leaves and plants are full and 4 feet tall which is good for autoflower ww this is the worst yield ive ever had out of ten grows wont use autos again

But were they stressed at all at any.time through your grow. Auto’s are very sensitive and can be stressed very very easily. I’ll bet that they were .


not that I can tell germanatated thanksgiving day and stated flowering three weeks later been flowering 7 weeks and only thumbnail buds but do have a lot of triclomes on them

Well then I wouldn’t grow that strain again thats for dam sure. Guess all you can do now
is get what you can and enjoy it and check the rest of it up as a learning experience.


You said that you added all different types of nutes, and that you played with the light cycles. Both of these actions could cause irreversible grow traits to develop. My advice is finish this grow with as much consistency as possible and move on to a new grow having learned from some of your mistakes. :slight_smile:

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