Harvesting in two days suggestions welcome

I will be harvesting in two days due to unforeseen complications. Hermaphrodite flowers or white bananas have been showing. Getting out of control.
I have been flushing for one week and also have had her on 10/14 cycle for one week.
I’m thinking about keeping her in total dark for the last two days.

Any suggestions, comments, tips will be helpful.
I am in uncharted territory and I want to harvest, cut down, dry, cure properly.
Thank you in advance.


Got a little frost there I see! First, what will be humidity and temp in you drying area? There are as many ways to harvest, dry, and cure your babies as there are climates. In a dry environment, you would want to at least keep the fan leaves on to ensure a slower more even dry. I keep my drying room at 40% humidity and 68 degrees. I trim at harvest and hang branches on clothespins for 7-10 days. When smaller branches break but don’t snap is when I cut the individual buds off if the branches. I jar of them with a humidipak and monitor humidity a couple times a day for the first week. I use temp/humidity gauges in 75% of my jars. If too humid, open the jar to let it breathe. You want to do this every day for a week anyway as the airborne bacteria breaks down Chlorophyll and makes a smoother smoke. The humidipak works great at achieving and maintaining a 62% humidity. Cure for at least two weeks @ 62% opening the jar less often.


So here sh is all upside down
Two main coalas (it was topped after 8th node)
The little one is my attempt at clone


Nice harvest you got there! Do you have a grow journal of your start up!:+1:

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Thank you! And I didn’t do a grow journal on ILGM for this lady. I nicknamed her ‘Fluke’ because it was an unknown, bagged seed with unknown gender. Just got lucky. I did (and always do) save dates and pics with details on an app on my phone.

I did just start a grow journal ‘Blue Mystic auto LED vs Northern Lights auto CFL’ on here. Just a fun little experiment with hopefully fruitful results. :yum::ok_hand:

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