Harvesting high CBD low THC

Hi guys,

I have just ordered Strawberry kush cbd from ILGM. THC 0.6% CBD 9%… flowering time 8 weeks.

I am new to growing but have read the harvest guide by ILGM… is this information for checking trichomes (milky) and pistils relevant for high CBD strains or is that just for THC strains…

Could someone please clarify the correct way of checking harvest time for these types of strains… there is alot of conflicting information out there.


Perhaps approach it like any grow.
Harvest some at different stages and see which one gives you the desired effect.
Take some early, some midway and some late on the clear/cloudy/amber scale.
I agree the info is conflicting, but your needs will be unique and the only way to really know what you like is trial and error process.

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Thanks for the reply…

I suppose I just want the effects as advertised by ILGM for that particular strain who state 8 weeks flower…
When do they believe its ready to harvest? Im not trying to manipulate the strain just want to know when to harvest for what they have marketed for.

What @Spiney_norman is telling you is just that. The 8 weeks to flower is a guide, not the rule. Every plant is different, every thing you do during the grow effects it.

It’s not a copy and paste with growing.

Thanks @Zee @Spiney_norman

Are the trichomes colour analysis before harvest the same for CBD plants?

I would love to hear ILGM’s stance on this

What I find all says just grow it like any cannabis plant. Harvest when trichs mature.
So harvest when the trichs are cloudy and some beginning to amber.

However I think you should still try Early, Mid and Late harvest to see which works best for you.

This seems to be accurate info…

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I grow CBD strains and you treat them like any other marijuana plant. My last was my G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD and with a 1:2 aka 5% THC to 10% CBD. She packs one hell of a punch. :+1::+1::+1:



Oct '19

Ive researched this exact topic to no ends. The consensus seems to be, Genetics are the key. So to say, waiting extended periods doesnt increase CBDs. It increases CBN (what thc breaks down too). Now CBD and THC effect each other VERY DIFFERENTLY then CBD and CBN (sleepy meds).

So in that case, CBD content is basically decided from birth. And it ripens first (before 100% cloudy) and doesnt breakdown nearly as quickly as THC (amber pistils are degraded thc). So the harvest window is wide open. Id love to see some lab tests confirming it either way… but studies just not quite there.

Long story short. If ur harvesting the CBDs for a topical or nonpothead to use medically? Id definitely harvest at as close to all cloudy as possible.
If its for a pothead, amber wont hurt a bit
If its for sleepy meds, the more amber the better


Thanks alot guys much appreciated!!!

Happy growing! :smiley:

@MrPeat @Spiney_norman @Budlite

Thanks for the tag!

I researched this for months before my last grow. I did Harliqueen which is Harliquin x Space Queen. Both pretty good CBD producers (space queen with a thc punch to boost)

I found basically the same info. CBD is ready before THC is, but it fades MUCH slower. So i harvested in stages. The smoke definitely got better with age, but thats not to say i had peak cbd, just saying the entourage effect accomplished more with higher levels of both. What i can say is at 8 weeks (very few cloudy) she still had good kick n very little to no paranoia (usually a problem if i chop early). But by 10-12 weeks the thc was so strong it was much less head high and much more ‘dont smoke me before work’ weed

Dammit ima pothead. That was my quote :joy::joy:


Sorry @PurpNGold74 I didn’t know how to quote you properly from a different posting.

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Thanks for the tag. Set to following. Remember G13 Peach Puree CBD rocks. She is pretty aggressive growing fast indoors. She will dominate a grow tent real fast.

If you want a nice head high and feel good, step right up as this plant has solid genetics. It rocks my world so I can get to sleep easier. :+1: