Harvesting General Questions

I have a journal already going but this isn’t really specific to my plants, more general questions about what I should do later on in the grow. Plus this may help other people if they are new.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

I’ve tagged people that helped in my journal. Feel free to ignore I won’t feel bad lol.

Plan for Deciding when to Harvest and Harvesting

  1. Wait till pistils turn brown and recede into flower
  2. Check trichomes with magnification
    • Wait till all are cloudy
    • Some amber
  3. Water plants with only water for 1-2 week. (Or should this step be after pistils turn brown?)
  4. At end of 1-2 weeks turn lights off for 2 days.
  5. Cut stems off plants and wet trim

Wet Trim

  • Cut all fan leaves as close to stem as possible.
  • cut sugar leaves flush with the buds. (This is where I have a question, How far down am I supposed to cut the leaves? I don’t want to be cutting down into the flower to get those leaves, or do I?)
    With the poorly drawn paint image. Would I be leaving parts of the sugar leaves (Left side) or really trying to get all of them trimmed off? (Right Side)


  1. Hang buds and stems in dark room until stems snap when bent. (It will be the same one I’m growing in now Temp probably around 65 no light, humidity at that point probably 55ish)

  2. Cut buds off stems and put in grove bags with humidity sensor. (I bought a bunch of 1/2 ounce grove bags)

  3. If higher than 62% humidity then leave open?

  4. If lower than 62% humidity??? Add a more water saturated leaf or something?

Once at 62% Close bags for 3 weeks to cure?

Then it’s just leave them in the dark for as long as I want. Anything else to do from there?

Thanks for any help

Journal so far:

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Get a moisture meter and you will know when the buds hit the 62% mark and get them into the bags at the right moment.

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Awesome I’ll check that out.


I didn’t wet trim my last grow. Dried slower and allowed a nice tight trim. It was a pain, but I really prefer the way they come out.


Sounds like a good plan. I never wet trim anymore, this will shorten the drying time and CAN result in hay smell and harsh smoke if your not very careful.
The drying process can turn awesome bud into trash you do t even want to smoke if not done properly. Dry your buds to fast and curing won’t help.

The idea is to make the drying process take a good 10 days plus. If it dries in under a week the odds are not in your favor.
I like to hang the whole plant upside down only removing the long stem fans. Keep temps around 65 degrees and humidity between 55 and 60. Those conditions should take about 10 to 12 days in my experience.


Exactly what I shoot for


That was a very interesting video that helped a lot.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll have to look into dry trimming now. I have no problem waiting a little longer if it’s going to be better.


Wet trimming is definitely easier but in my experience dry trimming has better smell and taste. I’ve wet trimmed bud that was great but I’ve had hay smell sometimes as well. When I dry trim I never get the hay smell so to me its worth the extra work.

Definitely dont rush the drying process though. The longer it takes the better it will be. The way I tell when its ready to cure is the snap test. Pick a lower bud about the size of the tip of your pointer finger. You will notice the stem connecting that bud is very small in diameter. Next step is to slowly bend the bud away from the main stem. If it snaps or cracks its ready to jar. If it just kind of bends or folds then its not ready yet.

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Get Ur self I cvault cure container they a humidor for cannabis they have a humidity packs that control the humidity for you ,you still have to burp the container and still put a humidity gauge in the container

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After the advice from a few people I’m going to dry trim. Seems like it will make a better final product.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I have grove bags that I think people have said you can cure buds in. That’s my plan right now.

Dry the plants over ~10 days, dry trim, then put in grove bags.


Good plan. Some guys are favoring the mason jars again for long term storage based on protection of buds and trichomes. I haven’t used them


ok that makes sense. I don’t think I’ll have an issue with protection cause the bags will be stored and then not touched in the basement in a box or on a shelf. Not really any handling.


I have 3 jars
Lol if I end up with more weed than that I guess I’ll have to break down and get grove bags
That’s going to be a good problem to have :grinning: