Harvesting GDP for sleep

So this is my GDP… I am growing for sleep, and as I have mentioned before on ILGM, if you harvest on time you get high THC, but if you harvest too late you get sleep meds…which is exactly what I want.

Are they almost ready? I am panning to stop watering on Wednesday and hanging them on Saturday (live in a dry climate so I can’t slow the dry much longer at this point).

What do you think? Is this weekend the right time or do I need to wait longer…?


Looks really young still


What am I looking for? I don’t have a lupe… need to buy one… but someone on the forum said the pistols being mostly dried up… What am I looking for?

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@writerjennifer this is what you are looking for. Get a loupe from Amazon.


If you want a soporific effect and not to look at trics. Wait till all pistils are darkened and curled (ignoring any fox tails). Then wait another week or two. CBN is what causes the soporific effect. As THC ages it degrades to CBN.

Something like this really takes the guesswork out tho.

Of course Amazon is the single most expensive place to buy this Chinese clone knock off. But it’s all I’m allowed to link. I bought the “upgraded” Chinese clone bs for 25% less than the Amazon one on ebay with free shipping and it was here within 3 days. Upgraded to include yada yada. $15 on ebay. Base version… $22 on Amazon…


How many weeks have they been flowering? I’ve got a GDP that’s 7 1/2 weeks in and from the looks have 4 to 6 to go. Can you post a pic of the whole plant?

They have been flowering for 2.5 months now…

thanks. just ordered one, will be here tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Here are the pics… and the puppy pic is just because he is the most adorable thing, my Leo!



Depending on plant size and genetics flower can take along time.
Is it an auto or a photo?

Your going to want a fair amiunt of Amber and like Bobby said you have some time till then according to your pistils but tricombs are the most important factor.
As the thc degrades into CBN you’ll get a more narcotic effec


Defoilate your plants that will help the buds get more light and mature better and faster.

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ok. My husband is anxious to harvest but I am anxious to sleep so… we’ll wait. I have a magnifying thing coming, the one Budz recommended, it will be here tomorrow.



Rushing the harvest is one of the top new grower mistakes. Don’t fall to it l. You have a good strain there and nice plants.
Take some microscope pictures and upload them we will go from there but you have a couple weeks yet.

Weeks? ugh. This is my third grow. The first was good, the second got stunted because it was too cold (rookie mistake not getting the heater)… this one is going to be the best yet, by far.
Thanks again for help everyone!

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They look great. Here’s my granddaddy purple that’s a week behind yours. I posted a pic the other day, and the general consensus was 6 more weeks. Slow slow slow, that’s why I wanted to see yours. And Leo is quite a handsome little feller.

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Your strain with the right pheno and environmental factors takes 10 weeks to finish. That’s 2.5 months. I’m no breeder and always expect it to take a week or two longer. Unless you get a crazy fast pheno. Which happens sometimes. Without tric pics it’s hard to say. But I bet you got north of 5% amber as is. I harvest my sativas less mature than that. They still knock me out, just not for 45 min to an hour. As to where heavy CBN indica would much sooner.

can buy temp mag glass at the $ store. works. your drying leaves indicate is close to time…but, you make that call

Try a partial harvest. You have plenty there to take some of the more mature buds and leave most to ripen more.

I imagine you have your magnifier by now but just in case, your pics look like about 50/50 white to brown “hairs”. For sleep you want close to 90% brown/orange.
With the magnifier, you want the glassy little stalks or “trichomes” to be a lot of amber color. They start crystal clear then get cloudy and amber. Not on leaf material, you have to get in close on the bud it’s self.

Thank you. Leo is my pride and joy now that my kids are all grown. Looking good, your gdp. :slight_smile:

I just got my mag today. Here’s the pic I took

Still have a ways to go i guess

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