Harvesting for the first time

So just harvested a view a days ago I’m wondering why my plant is turning brown I’m not sure if it is bud rot and I need to just throw it away or do I should continue waiting for it to dry out

Pull one apart and inspect it and post pics here.

Yup tear a bud apart and see. It looks like it may have been over dried.

This is close up and it’s only been 4 days since I cut it down it also looks a lil but more greener under different lighting

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Looks ok.

To get a long drying time, it takes really ideal conditions. And, depending on the environment is hard to achieve. You did the right thing by hanging the whole plant. That helps slow things down.
What was the RH in the tent?
Was the exhaust fan on?
Any other fans moving air?


Removed the exhaust fan but still have the oscillating one moving the the ceiling fan

Looks like you didn’t wet trim at all so all the dead fan leafs and larger sugar leafs are turning brown giving you that brown look once trimed I bet them buds are nice and green buddy

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And the humidity changes between 37/73 but its drops somewhere around 50

Right I didn’t cut anything off since the last trim during flower I just chopped it down and hung it up

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