Harvesting every month

I am planning to set up my grow room for harvest every month. So I think medical auto seeds.
I plan to start with 2 plants and after 30 days I set 2 more and after 60 days I set the last two.
Which light concept will work out best for this setup? Led light.

35 to 50 watts of quality light per every square foot of canopy.

You’ll have better control of flowering timing if growing photos versus autos.

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Do you have any equipment yet? Is there a reason you want to harvest every month (instead of every 2, 3, 4, etc months)?

Also, note that you’re limited to a handful of posts for the first days, so make them count.

Hi,thanks. I think maybe 2 x 300 w galaxyhydro work out for 6 plants, They will be in different stages so I am not sure how to split up the lightning. Is a 300 w Led quality ok for two plants in flowering stage? And the other lamp for the othe four?

Don’t do that.

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Those lights only draw 100 watt from the wall. They would be suitable to flower 1 small plant each.

Thinking out loud here - the initial question of why harvest every 30 days and not a longer interval is a good one. Harvest two plants every month or 6 every 3 months is like six of one and half a dozen of the other by my calculus. There’s a lot to be said for chopping a whole flowering room: just being in trim jail every few months and not once a month, having a chance to empty the room and deep clean between harvests, dealing with drying and curing on a longer interval and just generally easier to take care of a room full of flowering plants when they are all at the same stage of life.

I also feel like you’re gonna spend a ton of money on seed if your plan is to execute this with autos. It seems like the kind of set up you are describing would be best done with a mother/clone kind of arrangement where do you have one or two mother plants that are always in veg and you take cuttings, veg, and flower those.


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There are grows thst harvest as little every two weeks. But they usually use clones to get this kind of timeline. Growing from seed is too unpredictable compared to clones that are all the same.

Sure can’t pull off regular, timed harvests using autos . . . I harvest roughly every 30 days using photoperiod plants. I tried switching to auto flower last year and I’m just now getting the grow back on track with photoperiods. Same seeds and I saw 20-40 days variation in harvest times with one finishing at 96 days and others closer to 130 days.
As to why harvest every 30 days as some here have questioned. I do so because I grow my own personal smoke and I like to smoke different strains. I have no need nor use for a harvest over 2-3 ounces at the time, sometimes I’ll gift a few grams but I don’t sell weed so why grow more? My 4x4 has never had more than 4 plants in it at once, and normally it is 2-3 smaller ones, I flip between 20-30 days from seed, and I find them much easier to care for without the crowding. I grow from seed for variety, I rarely grow the same strain twice in a row so clones won’t work for me. As for trim jail, I like my 2-3 hours trimming every 4-5 weeks compared to days and dozens or jars every 6 months, struggling to get it all done and into jars . . . I’m lazy and that’s more work than it’s worth unless you grow to sell. I’m looking for variety and quality over quantity and I get that with multiple strains on a staggered harvest . . . 1 plant at a time, 20-30 days in veg tent, then into flower tent. Move one start one.

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My harvests will be very staggard and intend to replace in clones as they come out. Just to try it. Then black out/upgrade my veg tent to be able to flower the mother plant. Which is over twice as big as my flower tent. Paid $69 for it and light, but it fit perfect in a gutted walk in closet I wasn’t using. So even with it being cheapz it’s nothing to black out the door and put ventilation through that. Just gotta get a

to go beside my sf2000.

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I’d like to replace the TSW2000 I have in the veg tent with the bspec version of that kit . . . but I have to admit the Mars light does a good job in veg so can’t justify spending $$$.

I really like the small, staggered harvests . . . I plan to try cloning some soon to reduce seed costs. I’ve grown a strain called Chempie a couple of times now, that’s next in rotation, it and the Banana Kush I just started are going to be the first clones I’ve experimented with in 25 years so we’ll see how that goes.

I’m going order me some for 1st time any good starter seeds you can tell me about?

There are a ton of people on here better qualified than I to suggest strains. In general, if you can maintain your environment you can grow any strain you like. I’d avoid auto seeds, they aren’t really any faster from seed to harvest if you flip the photoperiods at 3-4 weeks . . . around 110 days. Also, if an auto stalls for whatever reason you can’t leave it in veg for another week or two to make up for it. I’d rather put my time and effort into a photoperiod plant that I can run a week or so longer rather than harvest a few grams on time from an auto because my plant decided veg period was over. The autos I’ve grown harvested at 101-128 days . . . the Chempie (photoperiod) strain I like runs 105-120 days the way I normally grow.