Harvesting & Drying

Thanks for the help from my new Grower friends here, I am reaching the Harvest of my Tent grown plants. Ideas? Dry or Wet Harvesting? Hang upside down in Tent? Cut up Buds to dry? Your experience will be valued…

The slower the dry the better low temps so like mid to high 60’s it all personal preference but I would remove the fan leaves and hang the whole plant

Stay belown 50% humidity and keep it dark but just warm like 70 73 and you’ll be fine.
By the way. After I dry mine, i’ll but my buds in a lunch bag. The paper takes in the mosture.

It dries to fast under 50% rh in my opinion.
I have room at 60%rh keep leaves on so it takes longer to dry with heat around 68-70f. Fan on floor pointing at wall not plants for air movement. And this is just a guide of how I dry my plants The longer it takes to dry the better results i get . Everyone has different ways that works best for them.
Takes 7to10 days for me. Then they can be trimmed and jarred with bevoda packs and burped( open jar for air exchange) 2 times a day for 2 weeks then keep in jars and burp 1 a week.

By the third week one jar is empty lmao

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Oh duh. After 3 days I trim the shriveled fan leaves off only.
And trim the rest after complete

Thankyou to this Community…again.
I was able to achieve my first grow with this Community help.
After 10 week grows, hung the plants to dry in my dark grow tent.
It’s a cool high 50’s temp & high 50% humidity too.
I have a small fan blowing & air duck with filter running at mid speed to keep smell outside & air flowing.
I hope the beauties will dry this way…maybe add heat in a few says if no progress is being made,
Any ideas or help.
So happy my virgin grow is happening.
Love you all MoonstoneBob

I set up a room with a heater and a humidifier.

Faster it dries harsher the smoke. Also you lose flavor rushing the drying process

Humidifier set to 90-95 while reducing it over a week-10 day period to 60-62%

Then heater set to 80 degrees- you want the heat to help dry the buds out over the course of time. 70’s is ok but 60’s will not dry it out enough and can cause mold growth

So I chop branches 3-4’ long trim off fan leaves and quick exterior sugar leave , quick hair cut and hang dry in the dark room with set up going.

My final humidity setting will be 64% with an exhaust fan pulling out air 5-10 mins every other hour