Harvesting beginner

I’m close to harvest and I’m wondering how it’s done? I know the trimming and drying and curing. But don’t know what to do before I chop her down. Do I flush or do I not flush? If I do, do I flush then cut right away or should I wait a couple of days then cut? Is there more? Is there less to do? Please help a hippie out.:v:t3::v:t3:

Flushing is a personal decision. Some do some don’t.
Drying you want 60% humidity with a light breeze, at 70°F. Or cooler if you can.

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The last two weeks prior to cutting them down should have no nutes and just plain ph’d water to rinse soil of nutrients. Then you let plant cannabilize itself for nutrients for that last two weeks. Really helps with plant taste and quality of flowers. So does a good cure after a slow cool drying period.

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@ZigZag here is a harvest guidance link for you

Harvesting Marijuana: Our Guide to The Perfect Harvest!

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Yeah flushing kinda varies, I have even seen people ice flush , the idea to it is to trick the plant to thinking winter is coming so it aggressively finishes up.

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And that’s a cold trick pun intended.


Your funny asl

And thank you for all your ideas

Your welcome, we all here to help each other. @ZigZag

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