Harvesting at the End vs. Harvest as You Grow

Hey Everyone,

I’ve noticed that everyone here prefers to wait until their plants are completely “ripe” before harvesting, then the plant is completely stripped.

On the other hand, I also grow an outdoor medicinal herb garden. When my outdoor medicinal herbs begin to flower, I go out every other day or so with a little bowl and start plucking flowers off the plant, and dry them. Plucking the flowers encourages the plants to keep flowering even more, and I have an on-going harvest all summer and fall, until the first hard frost, at which point I take the whole entire plant (if it’s an annual; I prune back perennials and leave them in the ground), and use the leaves and stems as well. I don’t want to wait for the flowers to start curling up (dying) because they actually lose some of their medicinal properties at that point.

So I got to wondering why you can’t do the same with cannabis. Is it because you’re waiting for the thc to reach maximum concentration?



Some people harvest from the same indoor crop at different times to get a different buzz. I’ve seen people harvest some with minimal amber and then again with more amber a little later. But yes, A lot of people harvest at once, which is what I’m going to do. Mainly since it’s my first grow in 25 years and I just want to get thru a successful grow with limited chance to mess it up.


I don’t think ganja grows that way, if you try it keep us posted because it sounds interesting!


I believe @Masshole actually tried this method where he did a partial harvest once tricombes started to amber
I think it was him anyway


Take this with a grain of sand since everything I do is experimental at this point.

I did a partial harvest of one of my Amnesia Haze plants. I harvested more than half the plant leaving only the three most dominant colas. I took the first round of buds with about 10% amber on them about a week ago. The remaining buds are still progressing nicely and i would say they are closer to 60/40 amber the last time I looked. I’m going to let them get to about 80/20 before I take them. Seems to be working as expected.


@Masshole They certainly look nice bro :grin::+1:

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yea, that should be some really good stuff @Masshole!! i am always glad to see experimentation!! carry on sir!!