Harvesting at 49 Days?!?

Dudes I need some help. My plants have only been in flower for 49 days and my grower gave 8/36 of them the chop. Isn’t that too soon? We had an experienced trimmer come in to help and he also said they were ready but how can that be? I can’t get a great view of the trichomes but see below. What are my risks/rewards for this crazy early harvest??

We switched to flower on Dec 4th. That was 49 days ago.

Critical Cheese - 55-60 days
Phantom OG - 55-65 days
Red Dragon - 55-60 days
Gorilla Zkittlez :gorilla:- 56-63 days
The Doctor - 57-63 days

Conditions were optimal the entire flowering phase. Gavita 1700e LED’s.image image image


I wouldn’t have harvested yet, and I like very little amber.

Judging by the trichomes, white pistols, and bud formation (I do like to squeeze them to check density), I’d have given them longer. They would’ve put on more weight.

That being said, I’m sure it’ll be a great smoke. They’re far enough along.


I’d have a very honest discussion with my grower about what I wanted. I’d wait for at least some amber trichomes. Those plants look frosty to the naked eye. The flowers will have bag appeal. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the person who cut them down on the early side comes out of a commercial (legal or otherwise) background.


Do you guys think this could be a patience deficiency? :thinking: :joy::joy:


So guesses as to the yield on this?

would be a good idea to support those heavy buds pointing downward.

judge the trichome development.

Yeah this was just the trim and chop. Their hanging now. Branches were supported while growing.