Harvesting Advice Please


Strain: White Widow
Time Flowering: I’d guesstimate about 3-4 weeks
Trichome Color: seems cloudy with almost 50-60% turning or turned amber(lotsa crystals on the sugar leaves)

Should I harvest and if so should I harvest only the larger buds? As you can see in the second image the plant is still small and only has maybe 1-2 really decently sized buds including the largest one being at the top one which worries me that if I do harvest that one it might stunt it in the long run. Also final question and this really has toi do with ‘if’ the smaller buds are indeed worth harvesting so I need to to trim the whole branch or just the bud and the sugar leaves to allow new growth, sorry again for all the question i’m new to growing and I already lost one plant(rest in peace gold leaf) and want to make sure not to ruin this one.


She’s not ready to harvest. She’s got lots of white pistils and she’s only been flowering for maybe 3-4 weeks. You must be looking at the trichs on the leaves and not the buds of you’re seeing amber. Try to look at the trichs on the buds instead. I’ll bet they’re all clear.


Ok let me do a check on that and im gonna take some more pics with it in better lighting right quick.


Heres a few more images in flourescent light I checked the leaves and its hard to tell I really need to invest in a digital scope instead of a jewelers loop. Sorry for the image quality any further insight?


My furthur insight is that she’s still not near ready. Sorry, but she’s got weeks left.


Ok thanks again I’ll let her grow then.


How long did you veg? Looks like one big bud lollipop.


I’m guessing it’s a WW Auto??


WickedAle it has a troubled grow session not sure how long it was in veg sadly I lost track of detailing its growth too closely due to work. Familyman yeah its pretty nice looking hoping I can harvest when it comes time without damaging the plant, first grow so everything is new to me.


Your not gonna have to damage the plant it’s gonna die on its own. Being an auto they only have 1 veg to flower life cycle.


Your next grow will be a lot better. You don’t even know how much you’ve learned yet!


Hey AvarisParadox, I am growing the same strain as you currently (except mine is a photoperiod fem seed and outdoor) and it looks like we are about at the same stage in growth life in terms of flowering. I am relatively new to growing as well but from my reading, the flowering time for autos lasts between 8 and 9 weeks so I would say that you still have a ways to go. Raustin is spot on with the advice, she definitely has weeks left to go. This is a really great guide with in depth info on flowering and harvesting: https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-flowering-stage

Check out my grow journal/problem diagnoses if interested!