Harvesting advice needed

Who can help out our fellow grower?

I found your fabulous site, downloaded the Outdoor Growing manual, and
things started to happen. However, I grew this plant (and the other more
traditional looking plant). As I had no idea what I was looking at or
doing, I sent a photo to my brother, who said to harvest it now. So I
did, but I don’t know what to do next, or if it will be decent
marijuana. What do you think? He said to dry it out a bit, then put it
in the deep freeze… I guess I cut the leaves off (I’m going to make
butter with them), but do I pull all the little bud thingies off the
plant, or leave them on the stick? I’m really confused because all the
Youtube tutorials are for different looking plants. My brother also said
the second plant (last picture) should be left to go to seed. Does this
mean nothing to smoke? He’s so stressed I don’t want to bother him with
all my questions (he lives in another State), but I’m totally lost. I
thought they would all grow big bud like things, that would be obvious
for me to see, and I would just cut them off and dry them. To be honest,
until I grew these plants in my backyard, I thought you only smoked the

They are male flowers. That plant is basically useless. Sorry.

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Oh dear! Not quite the news I was hoping for, but thank you for letting me know. Back to the drawing board…

Yup, here is a blog article you can check out:

Male plant get rid of it