Harvesting a male plant

A friend gave me a seedling that he started for me to grow for him. It turns out it was a male. I know it isn’t as potent as a female, but according to ILGM, it has some THC. I don’t know when to harvest it. And is the procedure the same as for a female? eg. flushing and 48 hours of darkness. It is about 4 ft. tall and very full. I am attaching some pictures.


Harvesting males involves me putting them down my garbage disposal. Males have no buds. Sure you can make some weak butter or something with their leaves if that desperate. Hope you don’t have any female plants nearby, they will get seeded like crazy from that male.


The only worthwhile “harvesting” from a male is harvesting pollen for breeding, before putting it down the garbage disposal.


I have a garbage disposal and some potential male plants…

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That’s a bummer ! it looks like you’ve done a great job .
Plant looks healthy. Unless you’re using it to pollinate another plant I wouldn’t waste no more time and energy on it.


Yup… toss and burn it. Keep AWAY from females… or anyone’s females outside you may not know they are growing.

Sad too…

This is worth using… prettiest set of :peanuts: ive seen this year :joy:

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