Harvested my first successful plant! Northern lights

I have finally harvested my first grow of Northern lights! I have now trimmed (partly, will do a better job once has dried for a week or so) very happy with a wet weight of 142grams hoping for around 100 grams when dried and properly trimmed and tidied up! Already started soaking my white widow seed and fingers crossed that starts to germinate. Many mistakes in my northern lights grow such as insufficient light most of the way through the grow and a cramped tent along with nutrient issues and over/under watering. Very happy with the final result and cant wait until its all dried up and ready to smoke!


Congrats! It’s always nice smoking your own stash! Just a FYI, it’ll likely be around 30g when it’s dried. They unfortunately lose about 80% of their weight when dry.

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Congrats on YOUR first grow. it’s amazing how much better growing your own is. It’s the TLC done right that pays off.
Good Smoking My Friend… :partying_face:

Wow that much! It smells really good so hopefully will taste as good:)

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thankyou! Its had lots of mistakes but lots of TLC haha. Many lessons learned for the next one

Be aware, each grow is its own unique adventure.
Lessons learned can produce a better harvest.
Never be ashamed to admit you look at your babies 4+ times a day. It’s the sign of a good grower.

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I kept peeking as much as possible making sure she had what I thought she needed haha

Brother. True words for sure. :+1::+1: