Harvested & dried auto NL's - found a bunch of seeds on bottom branch

So I harvested my NL’s early due to bud rot, they were on day 87 from germination so not too early I guess. Anyway today while trimming I discovered a bunch of seeds on a lower branch. What does that mean? They were feminized auto NL’s. Does it effect the smoke quality or anything?

That bud might not be as potent as if it didn’t have seeds, but if you’ve ever smoked mexican street weed, you know seeded cannabis can still get you plenty stoned, just remove the seeds before smoking, lol.

And, so… You now have a bunch of femized seeds likely, for next time, certainly not a big loss, lol.


Yeah I guess I have to look on the bright side of this experience- it’s all about learning to get it right for next grow. I ended up with about 105gms afterall with removing the budrotted parts, that’s from 3 plants which is not much, however, I got a couple dozen nice seeds so will try again.
Thank you!
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What caused the bud rot? Was it too humid of an environment? I’m harvesting my first grow right now, well, actually, I have so much white widow right now, so it seems from seven large old plants and one younger plant, bud I haven’t so far found a seed, but maybe I will, I am unsure how visible they are as a new grower. I mean, I myself had a plant go hermi on me, so I had to final flush and darken them for two days, luckily the tricomes are milky, some not as milky, but for all I know I will have loads of unuseable immature seeds. I’m considering final flowering my hermi plant,…just for seeds of white widow, by cycling the hermi plant with 12/12 segregated and getting me some male pollen and pollenating its lower female buds on the stalk. WEll, as for myself, I am short on extra growing area space right now, cause thinking about making some viable seeds was the furthest from my mind for my first crop!

Yes the humidity was a real problem that I should have taken care of in the beginning. By the time I realized & got a de-humidifier, was too late. Everything was looking good up until the end then afterall 1 plant had a bunch of seeds on the bottom branches.After I dried & was trimming, that’s when I discovered all the seeds.The seeds look good as far as I can tell, kind of tan & some dark mottling across,but I guess the real test will be to germinate & grow them?
good luck with yours!

Thanks for the wishing me good luck,…errrr, I’ll need it! I mean, I have some health issues bugging me to heck, slowing me down, and I need to manually harvest seven plants right now,…six of those plants are very large, so if my health issue would leave me alone, maybe I could just spend the day doing trimmings, and those are into their third dark night, the fourth night since final flush was used, if I wait any longer due to health reasons, i’m likely gonna have to go out to the shed and just cut them at the base and hang whole plant right there, and as I can, trim them up as they are drying, I mean, somehow them being in the dark waiting to be harvested for too many days, seems there is something I should know that I don’t know that could be bad, but at leas the tent is open and the dehumidifier is right there. .

Dehumidifiers, …great items to have, there is one growing near my drying spare bedroom area that cut cannabis is going into this grow, and out in my shed I have another dehumidifer going as well, I mena, I owned them previous to keep my shed dry and the home dry, cause i live in a coastal pacific area, and we see alot of damp.

The dehumidier out the shed, I have hooked up to a garden hose, but it needs to be higher on a small table and a new length of hose from a donor hose, run out the building. Inside, I didn’t run a hose out, the home is newer and I didn’t want to drill any more holes, it is an aggravation to empty out a dehumidifier reservoir once every other day.

Yeah it’s what I’ve been doing -emptying the de-humidifier at least every other day. So you had a lot of plants for 1st grow. I only did 5 but spaced them out to 3 & then 2 of them started 3 wks later so I’ll have time in between. Yeah it was a lot of work just for those 3, plus the problems of high humidity/bud rot caught me by surprise at the end. Anyways it’s all a learning experience for my next grow I’ll be more aware & prepared. I’m in the Pacific NW & my shed I’m using will be a challenge to control the temps/humidity in the winter months. I’ll probably need a heater soon.
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Are the seeds any good & will they produce decent plants? Wondering why they had seeds- was it due to stress? Sorry to ask so many questions but searched for answers & couldn’t find anything about this.
best regards, Mari

Yes, stresses can contribute to hermaphrodites. Anything that threatens the plant’s life can contribute to various “reproductive” responses, nature’s way of trying to increase the chance of producing seed and preserve the species and lead to the next generation.


Will the seeds produce decent plants or are they not worth the effort?
thanks MacG!

Like begets like. You might get feminzed females, and you might get a plant with a higher chance of hermaphrodites. But it will probably still be pretty good smoke, as long as you clean out any seeds you might get, lol.

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