Harvested auto and found 3 seeds

12 week auto Girl Scout cookies harvested and found 3 seeds. I have 3 more to harvest, should I do that today?


Welcome to the community. @froghog50.
A few seeds aren’t necessarily a bad thing.
How bout a pic or 2 of your girls. :+1:


Consider it a gift from the pot God’s… you’d know for sure if they went Hermie on yah, couple seeds happens now and then. Ironically I havent had a seed in my last 2 harvest. I wouldn’t mind a couple :sunglasses:


Thanks Oldguy, I appreciate the help. I’ll try and get a pic up soon.

Thanks LoCoRock, that has me feeling a lot better.

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Your replies are limited at first but we’ll still be here. :wink::+1:
If you put an @ symbol in front of the name we’ll get a notification. Like this @froghog50.

Thanks again

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