Harvest yes or no and what marijuana strain?


A question from a fellow grower:

They turn 9 weeks the 19th of this month … Those white heary bushy areas that are at the very top, are they the growing areas?
Looking at the plant in the internet,
I assume that is Amnesia … Do you think so ?


Hey ClaireILGM, it is hard to tell from a picture exactly what strain you have, but due to the bud structure and the leaf structure it does appear that you are growing a sativa dominant plant so it is possible that it could be Amnesia. Amnesia does have a flowering time of 9 to 10 weeks so the could be ready to harvest. It appears form the pictures that the plants are ready or close to being ready to harvest. The best way to tell is to get a small hand held microscope (around $10 US) and look at the trichomes. I usually harvest when most are cloudy, a few are still clear and some are turning amber. The more that are turning amber the more of a couch lock high you get. Now for the whit hairy bushy areas at the top. From the pictures it appears that these are male pollen bags. There are a few reasons why a female plant can go hermaphrodite. Sativa dominant plants seem to if they are stressed. Look up pictures of male pollen bags and compare to your plant or post a better close up of yours. If this is the case harvest now, ready or not or you will have a lot of seeds.



It is hard to tell from your picture but it looks like the white at the top of your buds is bleaching from getting too close to high intensity lights, this can happen with HPS or MH lights that are well ventilated so that the heat doesn’t actually burn the tops but the excessively strong light at that close distance will literally bleach out the color of your plant.