Harvest with seeds?

Just pulled 12 seeds from plant i swore was fem. Been flowering for at least 9 weeks. Does it look good enough to harvest and will seeds stop bud growth?

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She still pushing white pistils so you have few weeks. Can you take some pic with a magnifier, a jewellery loop or a phone app of the trichomes on the buds sites please? Not on sugar leaves.

I’ll try. Thanks for your feedback.

My auto flowers were both female too well started noticing a few seeds popping up towards the end of flower, it’s all personal use so I’m harvesting and curing plan on trying the seeds out too hopefully will be auto seeds haha

I agree still couple weeks at least, and she either popped a male flower because of some stressor or something pollenated it if you have seeds. I’d try looking for yellow peddles in buds or yellow flowers somewhere in undergrowth. But yeah just ride it out and harvest as normal, but know also the seeds will probably pass on the hermi gene and plants grown from them may hermi too. I light stressed one and popped male flowers and I didn’t catch it till too late but it’s good weed just seeds. But definitely try to find source of pollen. Good luck man