Harvest window advice needed

New at posting. Live in W. Kentucky, have J.Herer, Chem Dawg, and Ak 47 doing Lovely, just wondering if someone could give me an idea on when to chop-chop. I watch the trichomes but I guess I was just needing a little more assurance, because I cut it to early last year, and it was still good but I screwed up. As I write this it is August 27, 2018 Thanx for any advice Jeff

I forgot to say that I’m OUTDOORS

I’m thinking second week in October

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I may be wrong but I think we shoot for 20% Amber and the rest milky in regards to the trichromes

It really depends on your personal preference. If you want a nice uplifting, head high then harvest at 10% amber. If you want a sleepy, couch-lock then wait for more amber, about 25%.


Also; just to make things MORE fun growing outdoors: some grows don’t show amber very well. Having a grow journal so you know when flowering started is always good.

And it didn’t happen unless there’s pictures! :grin:


Thanx Familyman, let’s say I’m at what ever ratio I want or I am getting close, how long of a window is there between getting there or leaving that ratio

MyFriend420, I would love to send some pix but I’m not legal and I’m really sort of scared too. I don’t know how either

The Chem Dawg and Ak started showing middle of july, not sure if you count that as the start of flower or not can’t see how cause 1st of Oct would be ten weeks plus

Give her 10 day to two weeks from first pistils of ‘transition’ ans then start the count. At least i do now. So you maybe early yet my friend. Do u have it written down first days u saw any white hairs?

Let your Ladies go as long as possible. Pick off lower leaves if you need, but, let them go and your XMas will be much nicer…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:

Unless they’re autos, you’re probably at least a month early, likely more.

what up perp? would you be able to tell me how many days for ss to fully flower outside? they say inside is 52 days. the buds I have in my indoor grow went that and a bit longer. they never turned all red or even close.

sorry about my spelling purpNGold

Haha. Perp!

My outdoor SSH last year started August 4th and I harvested early due to weather issues in early October. I think second week would be closer to correct.

Its kinda a crap shoot. How long did you veg and do you have any photos? Also how long have u vegged? Also around where are u located

Appreciate the input

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started my mother plant early feb. im up in the Berkshires in ma. trying some super skunk just my first time with hybrid strain the only way ive crossed bred is two pot seeds meet in a bar. ive been vegged since my first hit dk bout you.


Haha i asked that twice. Had to be high af that day. But since Feb?! Yea she’s a big’n. Dont think 52. Think 70-80ish. How far into flower are u? (Like from first pistils)

How they lookin OP? Dont think we forgot about ya. No need for pics. I like a good description anyway :joy: