Harvest weight estimate? My first grow

I hear you on that. I been watching and reading a few journals on training and scrog. I’m currently doing training and later will put a scrog net. I’m doing training so my 2 babies can catch up and show sex before I put net up also

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They’re beautiful!
What nutes and what lighting are you using?

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Thanks @nt3! I’m using Fox Farm nutes. The light is a Spider Farmer SF 2000. My journal is here if you’re interested.:

My First Grow - Kandy and Cookies

Let it finish and I think you’ll be around 4 ounces dry. Got 11 ounces dried off this one if it helps for reference. In this pic it wasn’t quite done.


Thanks @Dexterado. They have fattened considerably. I am planning my chop for 2 weeks, but may let it go 3. I’m having to get creative to support the buds.


You can do selective cropping. Take some in 2 weeks and than some more next week. That way when you also have different stages of curing

The only climate-controlled place I have to dry is in my grow tent, so can’t really do that.

Oh damn

Nah… It’s just a thing. Wife and I decided a few years back that it was time to downsize. Bought a secluded place out in the country. Only 1000 sq ft, but on an acre of pure Heaven. No HOA, only one neighbor, and it’s a hike to his house. But I can tell you that downsizing from 4000 sq ft to 1000 is a challenge. :exploding_head:

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Oh I c. I would no issue since I’m already on around 1700sq

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You’ll be glad you waited. I think they’ll get quite a bit bigger.

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If they get much bigger, I’m afraid they will start breaking the stems! I found one snapped this afternoon. Was a branch that should have had a LARF bud on it, but that LARF was dense and heavy. In fact it was dense enough rather than cut it, I taped it up. Not sure if it will help or not. I may just clip it and dry it for a taste. I haven’t done that yet.

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3-4 oz. Put me down for 100 grams

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Added some support. Just want to make it 9/25 for planned harvest.


I think you hit it out of the park and if I did the dates right, you’ll be right at 9 weeks of flower. Supporting big buds is a great problem to have! Great job!

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Your math is spot on.

Had to break out the bamboo for more support. Gravity was winning the war with the stems.


Well. Based on these, I may harvest next weekend. They are looking like one more week may do the trick.



(What a cool structure in this shot)


It’s a hard decision being new to growing. I suppose it’s one of the hardest because you’ve never seen a live bud this beautiful and you want to smoke it now! In looking at you trichomes, I would keep watching but to me, I still like your original harvest date.
Stay patient. You have a little bit more to go. Remember, after you harvest, you have dry time and cure time. For me, after day of harvest, I would recommend at least 3 weeks (dry/cure time) till lighting it up. But, I like to dry for 10 days and cure for at least 3-4 weeks if I can stand it!

Oh, I’m not in a huge hurry to taste or test. And I have allocated 10 days for drying time (if needed) and 3 weeks to cure. But I am basing “maybe next week” on the trichs. I prefer somewhere between speedy and couch-lock. And I think if I go 2 more weeks, I may be more couch-locked.