Harvest top/mature buds first so lower sites get more light

This is a CBD White widow approaching 8 weeks of flowering (indoor grow, 12/12, 1000w LED, fox farms trio and flowering powders). i did a lot of LST, but didn’t do enough to create a proper canopy so now the lower branches and buds don’t get enough light. the top colas still show mostly clear trichomes, and the buds aren’t very fat/dense, but based on time and the color of the trichs, i think i will need to flush/harvest soon. note: i’m not in a huge hurry.

some say you can harvest “some” mature buds and let the lower buds continue to fatten up… others say the stress may kill the plant. also, if i flush for 2 weeks before cutting a couple of colas, will the rest of the plant be ok without nutrients during that time? maybe it makes sense to cut some buds without flushing, then flush before the final harvest?

would love to hear thoughts and suggestions. thanks.


Nice looking plant. Let me tag some more experienced growers @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @Cannabian @mr

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Sounds like a fine plan, go water only for a couple weeks, take top colas, let rest mature for a while longer with more direct light.


Yep cut the done stuff abd leave the not so dun stuff, do it all the time. The plant is dying anyway right? Its called senescence for a reason!

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I think your got a handle on it, it’s just riding it out at this point.

thanks @Deepsix and @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Cannabian @Mr

i started water only. after 2 weeks, can i go back to feeding (assuming the remaining buds aren’t almost mature)?

she was consuming a gallon of liquid every 3/4 days with minimal runoff, but has really slowed down. is that normal for this stage? the top half is very dry, but the bottom isn’t drying out. i put a bunch of extra, very small drain hole around the bottom of the pot.

also, anything different since the is the CBD version of the white widow?

thanks again.

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That’s normal for the stage of life it’s in.

You can go back to feeding if you want, I’m willing to bet there’s plenty of residual nutrients in there for awhile.

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