Harvest Tomorrow? (First Grow)Trich pics

Day 69 from light flip. Watering should take place today but i am waffling because it will raise humidity which is at 36%.


Is that pics of a bud or leaves? I don’t see any amber…all depends how u like. :smirk:

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there is a little amber on the teensy sugar leaves on the bud. last two pics are of bud itself I think. Just dithering…

In the window for an real upidy high I would wait for more ambers to come in. Maybe a week. I don’t like jittery.

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VERY good! needed to know. Not that I don’t research, but lol it gets real personal right about now…much appreciated you two.

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Sorry to ask…Any estimates on percentage of cloudy trichs vs.clear? Are the pics sharp enough to determine that?

A bit hard to tell due to the focus. If I had to guess, I’d say 90%+ on cloudy trichomes. A few turning amber here and there in the pictures of the buds themselves.

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dang it, will try to get focus better…

Can we get a picture of the whole plant