Harvest timing Blueberry Auto

Today is day 71 and not sure if she is ready to harvest. It had well developed pistils on day 24. So I guess in flower about seven weeks.

15 is a side bud and 20 is main colas.
The closeups are from the main colas.S20200123_0004 S20200123_0006
the sugar leaf on the right has some amber. However, I did not really observe any other.
Any comments / input will be appreciated. This is the first time growing Blueberry auto. I have two others started at the same time that are no where close


You have a lot of white pistils still. I’d give her another 3-4 weeks maybe. A while yet, anyway. Make sure you’re looking at the buds only to check trichomes. The ones on the sugar leaves will mature faster, and make you think it’s time to harvest when they’ve got a lot of swelling left to do. Be patient and don’t short yourself! Looks great, one of my favorites! :v:


Looking great! One of my favorites also. I agree @elheffe702 looks like you have a few more weeks.


Thanks @elheffe702 and @Bubblehead for replying. You are confirming what I was thinking. I had read about the difference between bud and sugar leaf trichomes. So after I posted my question, I pulled a few bracts from the main colas and took a closer look w/ my microscopes (Plugable and Carson). I didn’t save any pictures from the Plugable, but the trichomes were clear. In addition, the bracts did not seem to be swollen and mature. I will put my scissors away and keep checking the bud trichs and for more of the pistils to change color. Very helpful comments - thanks


Beautiful buds

Thanks - a day or so after the pictures I noticed some rust fungus on some of the leaves. I trimmed out the affected leaves and separated it from the 2 other BBA. Now deciding if I should apply a fungicide / potassium bicarbonate. Hate to do that so late in the game. First time dealing with rust - bummer

A week has past and I thought I would shoot you an update @elheffe702 @ReconBravo @Bubblehead.
You can see she needed the additional time. I am including a pic of her sisters. I wanted 4 in the tent but one didn’t germinate.

Her buds are filling out and more pistils are turning color.
The following are Plugable pics. The last two are of a bract I pulled for closer inspection. Not real exciting but I wanted some closeups of her trichomes.S20200130_0005 (2) S20200130_0014 S20200130_0025 . They look mostly clear with a few cloudy. GOOD call on giving her more time. At this point I am thinking another week or so?


Nice work showing the patients to wait. I still believe you have a couple weeks left before harvest. Lots of clear in that last picture.

They look great man!!! A lot of clear still though.

Yeah - you are probably right. I will just keep checking on her and hope she finishes strong. Her sisters are 1-2 weeks behind. thanks.

Thanks. This only my second grow and I pleased with them as well.

Your doing a fantastic job for sure man

@ReconBravo @Bubblehead Two weeks ago @elheffe702 said give it another 3-4 weeks.
Patience is paying off. These are from today, day 84. Very few if any white pistils. Its smell is significantly more profound. And she is much frostier.

Here are some closeups of her trichs. Have to use a tripod. A guy has to have toys.

Tell me if you know… it this a calyx or bract While taking the pics I did see a few amber. But as you can see they are still mostly clear and cloudy. I’ll check them again in a few days.
Thoughts? thanks…


I agree. If you’re going for amber, give them a few more days and see. Looking really dense! :+1:

Looking good! I’m still trying to find my window as well my friend. I can say though that you have done a very fine job indeed! Congrats on your grow!!!

thanks for your encouraging words.

Excellent! I agree a few more days and you should start seeing the amber you desire.

Thanks to those that responded and helped decide when to harvest this ILGM Blueberry auto. These were taken 2/9, day 88 of the grow.

Fishing poles and binder clips are great for drying.
As I am new to this, how did I do on the wet trim?


They look great. I like the dual purpose on the fishing rod.

They are really nice walleye rods. Any observations on the trim?