Harvest time. Yay


I’m bout to harvest and I’m a little confused about drying and curing. Is curing necessary? Or can I dry for 10 days or so then enjoy my fruits?


You can but to get the best out of the fruits of your labor really need a good curing youll thank yourself in the end


I am getting ready to harvesting also and i am happy to just make sure your tricomes are cloudy and a little amber then cut dry in a dark ventilated area low humidity wait until steam snaps then groom jar cure open daily then after awhile every two weeks you don’t want mold good luck happy growing :sunglasses:


Thanks. This is my first harvest. I haven’t started yet but it’s coming in a few weeks. Any step by step instructions would be very much appreciated. The grow bible is a little vague about drying and curing.


some people hang upside down with trim of guard leaves so you can have good air circulation then let dry slowly then follow instructions I gave before some people dry on a screen some in a paper bag its your choice trail and error will make you a better grower it will be fine take your time this stage is important good luck :sunglasses:


Do as @livewire61 said that’s sound advice and it’s party time.


Try this…


Yeah I read it but it’s kinda vague on the curing process but with everyone’s help I think when the time comes I’ll cut branches and hang upside down in dark area until stem snaps then trim leaves but leave buds on stem to dry further in brown paper bags with shredded paper around that for a week then trim buds and jar opening everyday for 15min for a week then once a week or two. Now that I think about it, wouldn’t the shredded paper stick to the buds? Am I on track?


I think you’re kind of overthinking it friend

…it’s easy as pie

  1. -trim fan leaves, hanging branches upside down in dark closet, grow tent etc. Add small fan blowing indirectly (you need dark and air movement)

  2. -in 4 to 7 days trim buds from branches and put in quart jars

    • open jars once or twice a day for 10 or 15 minutes

It’s just that easy !
-good luck!

(the main thing you want to watch for is any type of an anaerobic oder in the jar, it will smell like ammonia)


Pure Indica my friends!



I’m seeing a little amber in the cola area but a lot of orange hairs. Germinated mid June. Couple more weeks maybe?


About how long do I continue to let the jars breath before they have cured enough?


about when the moisture level is 10 percent :sunglasses:


I trim buds off of stem and hang each one individually with the 4-7 day hang time and then into glass.


@livewire61 have you or anyone else out there used those silica packs in the jars for absorbing moisture? Was curious about it. I have a bunch of them I use in my ammo cans. In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, they’re always in shoe boxes lol Little white pouches that say do not eat lol


they do make a humidity pack just for curing pot. If you are in a dry place like Colorado you don’t really need them but in humid areas like Ohio they are highly regarded.


I have heard of putting them in containers to save seeds in the fridge not to dry bud I have had no problem curing never any mold its always good weed take your time do not get in a hurry it will be better in the long run :sunglasses:


you will no when its ready :sunglasses:


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