Harvest time White Widow?

Hey everyone, kinda getting close to harvest maybe in 12 days I’m not really sure, first things first these are White Widow fem, ffhf, ff nutes,
They are 129 days from seed, I called flower on June 9, but feel it could have been a WK earlier as my judgement on what constitutes flowering, I called it by the 12/12 switch and added 5 days…
Anyway trichomes are 60 precent cloudy, a few amber and clear…so who knows ?
Fan leaves have started to yellow , which may be low N .have applied and nutes n about 3 wks.
Anything else I could look at for harvest indications?
Thanks a bunch.


Just keep looking at trichomes - that’s the best way to judge.

Beautiful job, btw.

Do you have a finishing plan? Flushing, etc?

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Thanks a lot, seems like its taking forever lol, I planned on flushing 6 days before harvest, and lights out last 2-3 days.

From looking at all the white pistols I’d say you have a bit more to go. As soon as I see amber appearing on the flower, (not the sugar leaves) I flush. This usually gives me about 2 weeks before harvest.


Thanks Drinkslinger , I think your right, my wife scares me to death, but my daughter came looked too and seen the same as I did…( I am color blind red green) …so who knows lol but I seen more clear than would be normal…I’m going to keep waiting .


white hairs say go more. lots of clear still…last two weeks should bulk big time. dying leaves are normal.

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